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Reality houses approximately seven billion holistic mirrors of awareness which are each occupied by a thirst for truth. Discover the timeless approach to living a life imbibed with serene acceptance and satisfying fulfillment. Nature is the source of original truth and to genuinely grasp the oneness and destiny of existence in pure authenticity an analysis of the patterns, inclinations and intricacies of nature is essential. One is the number of existence, two is the number of balance and three is the number that advances beyond contrasts to project the ecstatic harmony of wholesome unity. Celebrate the narcissism of oneness, the reciprocity and maximization of appreciation that is engendered due to the existence of symmetry and the balance of opposing extremes, and the romance, elegance and magnificence of ethereally entangled transcendence.


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    Consider the composition of the Universe and the cycles of the Solar System. There are some who postulate that the Universe is as old as time itself. Time and space are inextricably linked and matter and energy occupy the fabric of space-time.
    • The Planet Earth rotates once each day (i.e., once every twenty-four hours), and the inhabitants spend approximately twelve hours in substantial darkness when half of the planet is hidden from the Sun, and twelve hours in substantial light when half of the planet is exposed to the Sun.
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    • The excessively hot core of the Planet Earth is enveloped by a viscous layer known as the mantle which is in turn enveloped by the hard crust.
    • Also, the Planet Earth is orbited by the Moon, and it (along with the Moon and other uninhabited planets) orbits the Sun (i.e. one of many stars) in one of many galaxies.
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    • The Moon encircles the Earth once every twenty-eight days whereas the Earth and the Moon encircle the Sun once every three hundred and sixty-five days and a quarter of a day.
    • The eight major planets orbiting the Sun are categorized as: the inner planets, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars, and the outer planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. Saturn is a ringed planet located in sixth place from the Sun and its ball and ring may be viewed as symbolic of acceptance and fulfillment.
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    • There are approximately thirty days in a month and there are twelve months in a year. The four seasons of the year are winter, spring, summer and autumn. The winter months are the coldest whereas the summer months are the hottest.
    • The seven identified colors of a rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet and a prism can separate white light into these colors. A rainbow is a natural example of how unity may coexist with diversity.
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    • Existence may be divided into living things and non-living things. The Planet Earth is a beautiful habitat for plants, animals and people.
    • The Planet Earth features mountains, valleys, plains, volcanoes and basins occupied by water.
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    • The heat from the Sun causes water to evaporate into the air, which cools to form clouds, and this water falls to the Planet Earth from clouds as rain.
    • Gravity exerts somewhat of a depressive force on objects, attracting materials towards the core of the Earth, and it also exists around and between objects, and keeps celestial bodies in their respective motions. Plants consume energy from the Sun, and internalize water and nutrients from the ground. Plants also grow towards the Sun or a source of light.
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    • Celestial sights and sounds that appear and perform from time to time are lightning that dances and thunder that sings with suspected fury. Natural disasters which pose a threat to life and property include earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes and wild fires.
    • Air, water, food, and sleep are necessary for the survival of each individual human being and heterosexual reproductive activity is necessary for the survival of the species.
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    • Herbivores are animals which consume plants exclusively, carnivores are animals which consume animals exclusively, and omnivores are animals which have the capacity to consume plants and animals. Human beings are omnivores and are situated at the top of the food chain. Plants are constrained by their attachment to the Planet Earth whereas the mobile capabilities of biological entities range from the ability to swim in water, to moving around on land and flying in the air.
    • The Sun is a spherical gaseous object which emits immense quantities of light, whereas the Moon is a rocky spherical object, with a reflective surface, which houses and empties itself of the light from the Sun. The Moon waxes full and wanes empty which entails phases ranging from non-existent to partial to peak brilliance and the full moon is the phase of the Moon which entails the maximum reflection of light.
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    Consider physical, mental, emotional and ethical reflexes and the freedom of the will to make decisions from among options. The body is a vehicle, which houses the vehicle of the brain, whereas the will occupies the brain, and is the driver of both vehicles.
    • Homo sapiens are regarded as the crown jewel on the biological horizon in a manner reminiscent to the way in which: the great white shark is deemed the chief predator of the seas, the lion is regarded as the king of the jungle and the eagle is christened as the presidential navigator of the air.
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    • Governments serve as the parents and leaders of the citizens of a nation and there is a concomitant duty to establish and preserve order in society through laws and law enforcement agencies which operate to protect life, dignity and property and to promote stability and upward mobility. The brain governs the body in a manner somewhat analogous to the way the laws of nature govern the cosmos.
    • Human beings belong to the most advanced category of organisms in terms of the possession of a holistic awareness of the existence of all of space and all of time and the ability to communicate with respect to the content of such an awareness.
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    • Words are thought packages which can be used to convey ideas, feelings, instructions and questions from one mind to another. The will is the decision-making aspect of a person which flies freely when a person is awake, and voluntarily initiates those activities of the brain and the body which are not reflexive. The will translates events from the personal mental universe of dreams to the common physical universe of destiny.
    • At an advanced stage of emotional development the fate of the brain and body are hijacked from the hands of the emotions into the hand of the conscious decision-maker.
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    • In the reproductive process, the mature female person houses the unborn human being for approximately nine months and endures the suffering as the body of the young person separates from her body during childbirth.
    • A person’s skull is permanently united with his or her ribcage at the top of his or her body whereas the skull of an infant separates from his or her mother’s pelvis during childbirth. An umbilical cord connects an unborn human being to his or her mother and this is the structure through which nutrition is obtained prior to delivery.
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    • This attachment is severed subsequent to delivery and forms an obsolete mouth of the pelvis (i.e. the navel) and the child proceeds to obtain nourishment from the breasts on the ribcage of his or her mother. Therefore, the pelvis may be viewed as a house of separation, liberation and hunger whereas the ribcage may be viewed as a house of togetherness, captivity and generosity.
    • For generations, human beings have celebrated existence, life, and love with the artistic display and enjoyment of delightful food, engaging music, and rhythmic dancing.
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    • Birth ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, and death ceremonies signify the three most momentous events of a person’s life. Death is symbolic of separation, marriage is symbolic of union and birth is symbolic of growth.
    • Plants are constrained by their attachment to the Planet Earth similar to the way in which a person’s skull is attached to his or her ribcage.
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    • Animals are free to move around similar to the way in which the attachment between an infant and his or her mother is severed.
    • People are free to fly due to the human capacity to formulate instructions with the inner and outer voice. There is also a steady inhalation and exhalation mechanism which involves the automatic and possibly free pulling inward and pushing outward of air from a person’s head.
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    • There is a natural mental signal to exclusively pursue pleasant sensations and to avoid all unpleasant sensations. Concomitantly, laughter is the expression associated with feeling high and tears are the expression associated with feeling low. Pleasure is usually a means to an end but in human beings the pursuit and enjoyment of pleasure and elevation may constitute an end in and of itself.
    • The Universe has certain natural quality benchmarks to be met in the sense that organisms must qualify to survive and reproduce.
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    • There is a natural predisposition to reject the members of a species perceived as inferior and to accept the members of a species perceived as superior. Love is the act of recognizing and maximizing the inherent value of an entity. Love is generally regarded as the most uplifting and magical emotion that a person can experience.
    • Love is typically expressed by way of carefully observing a person, maintaining physical closeness, exchanging passionate words, arduous actions and meaningful gifts. If a person’s natural inertia, or reluctance to work, is not regulated, then it may result in wasted time, un-utilised energy and a lower standard of living for him or her.
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    • Each person has the capacity to assess what is possible at a given moment, and to personally decide upon a course of action or inaction or upon a choice of words or silence from among his or her options. A person’s internal nature emotionally rewards personally constructive behavior and emotionally punishes personally destructive behavior. Each human being has a name, or a group of symbols, which are representative of him or her. Each person also has an innate ambition for his or her name, as well as for himself or herself to be held in the highest possible esteem.
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    Consider the science of attraction. Human beings have a natural desire to be sophisticated and impressive physically and mentally and there is also an innate desire to appear and perform more impressively than others of the same gender.
    • Relationships tend to be the most fulfilling aspect of life and the play of being hungry for each other should be balanced with the work of being happy to help each other survive and thrive. Romantic relationships are characterized by an intense physical, mental, and emotional connection between two people as each endeavors to solicit and retain the full attention of the other. With regard to competing for a romantic partner, it is quite obvious that if another person is more attractive than a particular person, then there is a greater chance of this particular person being ignored by some potential romantic partner due to the presence of the more attractive person.
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    • The five standard senses used for an evaluation of things in the physical realm are seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting. The eyes feature the unity of love and the ears feature the separation of fear. The nose protrudes as a mountain on display and the mouth is a receptive basin. The skin captures the oneness of existence. Sights and sounds have a duplicating feature which allows them to be recorded. There are pleasant and unpleasant sensations which may be experienced with each sense organ.
    • Artificial ornaments which have been utilized in the protection and advertisement of the human body and his or her status of wealth include clothing, jewelry, houses and cars, whereas natural ornaments include a person’s skin, hair, teeth and nails.
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    • The skull of a human being is conferred with the prestige of an elaborate mane. Hair is coveted as decoration for the face, and the eyes are also completely encircled with hair referred to as eye lashes which are in turn partially encircled with hair referred to as eye brows.
    • Strands of hair emanate from the skull in a similar manner to the way in which rays of light emanate from the Sun and the brows of the eyes regally spread across the forehead like the wings of a bird in flight. The colors and textures of eyes, skin, and hair, range from dark to light.
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    • The texture of skin and hair ranges from hard to soft. Exposure to the Sun darkens the complexion of the skin whereas the lack of exposure to the Sun lightens the complexion of the skin. Hair and nails are rooted in the body but are dead materials which continue to grow as long as a person is alive and may be cut without the sensation of pain. The skull may be viewed as a house of knowledge, the ribcage as a house of strength, and the pelvis as a house of beauty.
    • It has been observed that males tend to have greater capacity with regard to physical strength whereas females tend to have greater capacity with regard to physical beauty.
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    • The capacity to acquire knowledge is more or less balanced between genders and there is an innate capacity to interpret situations that is called intuition.
    • The skull and spine of human beings assume more of an upright posture, and it is apparent that the average height of males exceeds the average height of females.
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    • Health and fitness are universally appealing and men tend to flaunt muscles whereas women tend to flaunt curves.
    • A skull has a more or less standard structure, however, the ribcage and pelvis of a person may be structured as a pear, hourglass, ruler or an apple. A pear is structured with a narrow ribcage and a wide pelvis, and depicts a love in tandem with fear relationship. An hourglass is structured with a wide ribcage and a wide pelvis separated by a slender waist and depicts a fear in tandem with fear relationship. A ruler is structured with a narrow ribcage and a narrow pelvis and depicts a love in tandem with love relationship. An apple is structured with a wide ribcage and a narrow pelvis and depicts a fear in tandem with love relationship.
    • The spine is rooted in the pelvis, the ribcage is attached to the middle of the spine, and the entire spinal column supports the skull. Two limbs are attached to the ribcage and two limbs are attached to the pelvis. The upper limbs (i.e. the arms) culminate with two hands, each having five fingers, and the lower limbs (i.e. the legs) culminate with two feet, each having five toes. The legs are united whereas the arms are separate. The 2 legs, the 2 arms, and the 1 spinal column amount to 5 which may be segmented as 3 groups in this instance.
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    • The tripartite structure of the human anatomy may be viewed as a primary grouping of the pelvis and the legs, a secondary grouping of the ribcage and the arms and a tertiary grouping of the skull and the spine.
    • Each of the lower limbs has the upper leg, the lower leg and a foot and each of the upper limbs has the upper arm, the lower arm and a hand. The skull, the hands and the feet feature the contrast of light with darkness and feature a characteristic of wholesome growth such as hair on the scalp of the skull and nails on the hands and feet.
    • Each hand consists of four regular fingers and one opposable thumb. The five fingers may be considered as: the two lower fingers (i.e. the pinky and the ring finger) and the two upper fingers (i.e. the middle finger and the index finger) and the thumb. The thumb may be viewed as the head finger or the finger of wholeness. The hands are able to grasp, and the fingers, toes, hands, and feet, may be utilized for the quantification and measurement of things, events, and qualities. Each of the five fingers may be represented by the five elements of earth, water, wind, darkness and light.
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    Consider the way in which a human being is a microcosm of the macrocosm of existence. Reality refers to all that exists and happens and includes the awareness of such.
    • The three branches of science are: chemistry, which explores the composition of what exists in relation to space, physics, which explores causes and effects of events in relation to time, and biology, which explores the makeup and processes of organisms as conscious entities that are mortal.
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    • The six directions of space are Up, Down, North, South, West and East, the three aspects of time are past, present and future, the three states of matter are solid, liquid and gas, and the light of awareness is contrasted with the darkness of ignorance. In solids the particles are tightly packed, in liquids the particles are more loosely arranged and in gases the particles are scattered.
    • Matter is made up of atoms and the main subatomic particles are protons, which are positively charged, electrons, which are negatively charged, and neutrons, which are neutral.
    • A person is an awareness occupying his or her brain, which is housed by his or her skull, which is closely connected to his or her ribcage, and this is distantly connected to his or her pelvis.
    • The pelvis may be viewed as symbolic of space by virtue of a mother’s pelvis which houses an unborn human being, the ribcage may be viewed as symbolic of time by virtue of the heart which occupies the ribcage and beats with a repetitive tempo, and the skull may be viewed as symbolic of matter by virtue of the brain which occupies the skull and houses the energy of the will.
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    • The heart is a strong and rhythmic pump, which consists of four chambers, and which circulates blood around the body, and the brain may be divided into the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere, and is the control center for the body.
    • The scalp of the skull is typically hidden by hair and represents darkness and ignorance whereas the face is exposed and represents light and knowledge. The face of a mature female is usually more exposed than the face of a mature male. The symbol of occupant depicts masculinity and the symbol of house depicts femininity.
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    • A child is an interwoven wholeness growing out of the blissful union of his or her father with his or her mother.
    • The pelvis may be viewed as a feminine house of beauty shadowed by ugliness, the ribcage as a masculine house of strength shadowed by weakness, and the skull as a neutral house of knowledge shadowed by ignorance.
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    • The buttocks reject the death-suggesting waste of harm from the pelvis, the breasts of a mother offer the life-sustaining food of help from the ribcage, and the head transcends categorization as masculine or feminine and signifies neutrality.
    • The bodies of females tend to resemble the shape of a pear due to a wider pelvis, the bodies of males tend to resemble the shape of an apple due to a wider ribcage, and the body of a child may be symbolically represented as a mango or a skull by virtue of the way in which the Sun is centered at the helm of the Solar System.
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    • The skin of the mango is symbolic of the outer protective skull, the watery pulp is symbolic of the grey matter of the brain, and the seed is symbolic of the energy of awareness.
    • A female who has reached the age of puberty typically operates according to a 28-day menstrual cycle which begins with a 5-day purging of old material from the lining of the womb in a flow of blood and this cycle repeats itself until late adulthood and is suspended during pregnancy. The schedule of the Moon orbiting the Planet Earth and the schedule of a mature female’s menstrual cycle are concurrent and the Moon influences the tides of the ocean.
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    • 3 is typically interpreted as the number of wholeness and growth as the feminine and masculine opposites of duality transcend their boundaries to unite as one in magnificent celebration.
    • A child partakes of life hidden in the mother’s pelvis prior to birth before partaking of life exposed in the supposed domain of the father after birth, and the awareness is hidden from the physical body by the maternal brain when asleep and exposed to the paternal physical body when awake.
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    • Therefore, a mother of space (i.e. the pelvis) and a father of time (i.e. the ribcage) has been juxtaposed (connected by the neck) with a child of matter and energy (i.e. the skull).
    • The 3 dimensions of space, the 3 tenses of time, the 3 states of matter and the contrast between darkness and light amount to 11 aspects of existence. This structure describes a family of 4 which may arguably be construed as a family of 3 because matter and energy are scientifically interchangeable.
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    Consider that there may be a symbology and numerology of nature. This may be encrypted in characteristics of nature as well as provide guidance to the species from nature as represented via natural appetites and this feature of nature may be purely natural or may involve divine design. Sophistication of form and/or function usually necessitates prior design. Life is uniformly characterized by the existence of opposites.
    • Be mindful that the relationships in nature are comprised of the feminine aspect, the masculine aspect, and the transcendent aspect of wholeness in a manner analogous to the significance of the colors black, white and gray. The color black absorbs energy whereas the color white reflects energy. The color gray is a balanced mixture of the color black and the color white.
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    • In sexual relations between a male and a female, the male is the solidified donor and the female is the liquefied recipient and this is analogous to the celestial relationship between the Sun which gives light for the Moon to reflect. The color black takes whereas the color white gives thus suggesting that the color black is a feminine characteristic whereas the color white is a masculine characteristic. The union of a male and a female facilitates wholesome growth.
    • The relentless masculine Sun and the elegant feminine Moon apparently serve as parents to the transcendent explosion of life known as the Planet Earth.
    • Analogically, the house and occupant relationship is featured in reproductive activity between a female and a male, in an unborn child residing within an expecting mother and in an entity of life residing within the cosmos.
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    • In human beings, the two female egg-producing glands are the ovaries, which are located separate from each other, whereas the two male egg-producing glands are the testes, which are located together. The union of moving toward an object of pursuit may possibly be interpreted as the masculine force of love, the separation of moving away from an object of avoidance may possibly be interpreted as the feminine force of fear, and wholesome freedom transcends a fixed direction.
    • Psychologists have documented the survival instinct, the pleasure principle, the will to superiority, the sex drive of social inclination and the identity crises as universal natural influences on the behavior of humanity. Therefore, the trichotomous forces may be delineated as feminine fear, masculine love and wholesome freedom. The inherent articles of fear are proposed as death, pain, inferiority, isolation and self-ignorance and the inherent articles of love are proposed as life, pleasure, superiority, connection and self-knowledge. An awareness of this psychological heritage of humanity facilitates more opportunities for empathetic interaction between people.
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    • The masculinity of the male gender is epitomized by the male reproductive organ which is high, sensitive and erect whereas the femininity of the female gender is epitomized by inner and outer lips which hearken of a hereditary or artificially induced fullness that may appear in the lips on the face of a person decorating the skull, the breasts of a woman decorating the ribcage, and the buttocks of a person decorating the pelvis. The male reproductive apparatus also features a sac of reproductive material and the female reproductive apparatus features a miniature erect sensitivity.
    • A banana is reminiscent of a penis and a strawberry is reminiscent of a clitoris. Additionally, a mountain is illustrative of a penis and a basin is illustrative of a vagina.
    • The pelvic bone of some females is legendarily enamoring with outward curves of beauty whereas the triumph of masculinity is the higher propensity for muscle development constituting dominant masculine strength in some males. For reproduction to occur in nature between human beings, the strength of the male reproductive organ must be strong enough to access the inner recesses of the female reproductive passage and the initial occurrence of such a connection results in drops of blood from the torn hymen of a female.
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    • The arousal of a male due to the sight of a ripe and attractive female may be analogous to a tree ascending to the perfection of the Sun or the rain of the clouds. If a female is fertile ground for the male deposit of sufficient quality then life may perpetuate. In human beings, the sublime bliss of peak sexual stimulation may be enjoyed alone or in concert with another.
    • The fusion of the individual male spermatozoon on an odyssey with the individual female ovum of destiny generates a third transcendent entity of new life not resident within the singular gametes in reproduction amongst human beings.
    • The natural categories of superiority are inferred to be attractiveness, strength, knowledge, highness and fullness and the natural categories of inferiority are inferred to be repulsiveness, weakness, ignorance, lowness and emptiness. There is also an innate tendency towards the pride of showcasing traits of superiority and the shame of hiding traits of inferiority in human beings.
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    • Love may be intuitively viewed as masculine solidity due to the closeness of pursuit, fear may be viewed as feminine liquidity due to the enhanced flexibility of avoidance and freedom may be viewed as gaseous wholeness due to the possibility of maximum expansion with the light of pride affording exposure to virtues and the darkness of shame affording concealment to vices. The tenets of love and fear are time-oriented with regard to what happens in life and the tenets of pride and shame are space oriented with regard to the configuration of what exists in life.


  • Realize that your purest nature unconditionally directs you to avoid death, pain, inferiority, isolation and self-ignorance, and to pursue life, pleasure, superiority, connection and self-knowledge.
  • See life for yourself through your own eyes and describe your personal observations and personal experiences using your own words.
  • Remember that maturity is demonstrated by a keen understanding of what you really love and fear in tandem with a steady willingness to afford yourself help and to protect yourself from harm through your choice of words and actions. Brave it on your ascent to perfection and beyond.
  • Be mindful that your awareness is a precious occupant of an incredible universal house by way of survival and it is only fitting to preserve and celebrate the romance of this majestic union.
  • You only have one life to live so you should never give up on you! Maximize life’s quantity and quality, love and be loved, and strive to embrace and showcase perfection!

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