How to Challenge Negative Self Talk

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Attitude and personality develops only due to belief, belief develops by experience, and we decide true or false about anything on the basis of what we believe. So our belief directly influences our attitude and personality.
Understanding how our belief develops: Our brains have two distinct parts: namely, the conscious and unconscious brain. Our experiences by our conscious brain are stored in raw form to our unconscious brain on which we belief unknowingly. This belief can also be developed by self-talk. Negative self-talk develops a negative attitude while a positive self-talk develops a positive attitude. Many of us do not know this fact and develop negative attitudes by negative self-talk. So, whenever you realize a negative self, try these steps to overcome it.


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    Say to yourself loudly, "Stop!"
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    Close your eyes and take a deep breath.
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    Hold your breath for the maximum time possible according to your ability.
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    During this period, try to feel that you have successfully done the same for which you were creating a negative self-talk.
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    Imagine the path by which you travel the successful journey.
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    Divide your goal into different steps and take one deep breath for each step, creating a feeling from inside that you have successfully completed the step, and positively say it to yourself again and again (as loudly as possible).
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    Even if you do not make any negative self talk, use these steps from step no. 2. for continuously 21 days, in case of gap in between count it again from day 1st to day 21st.


If you realize that you were saying yourself that you can't pass the semester exam. Say yourself loudly: "STOP".

  • Now after closing your eyes hold your deep breath and feel, you have just passed your examination with very good marks. Now imagine in reverse, how you written your exams, then how you prepared for it.
  • Now divide the goal into these seven segments.
    • i) I am mugging up answers of the questions and now remembered all the important questions.
    • ii) I am practicing diagrams and become able to perfectly draw it.
    • iii) I have developed sufficient speed to write the exams within allotted time.
    • iv) I have developed clear understanding of concepts which is required to solve problems or case studies.
    • v) I have practiced sufficient number of problems and case studies for exam.
    • vi) Now I am giving exam and questions asked is all those which I had practiced many times, so I wrote it perfectly.
    • vii) Now exam result is declared and I am the topper.
  • Practice all these segments with a separate deep breathe and regularly practice it for 21 consecutive days.


  • Along with all these steps a conscious effort will be required to successfully achieve the goal.
  • 21 day practice is mandatory because by research it is proved that this is the minimum time required to accept anything by unconscious brain as reality.

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