How to Change Ownership of ESPN Fantasy Football Team

Occasionally a team owner of an ESPN fantasy football league decides to leave the league. The league generally wants to fill that spot with someone new. The commissioner is now charged with editing the settings to give the team over to the new owner. This tutorial will walk the commissioner through this process.


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    Log in as the commissioner on the ESPN fantasy football site. Go to the "LM Tools" tab.
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    Click on "Edit owners and send invitations" under "League administrator" tools.
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    Click "Add second owner" under the "Action" column. This is found next to the team in which you would like to change ownership.
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    Type in the new owner's name and email address. Select the option for "send invites to: New owners and owners with changed email addresses". Optionally, you can send yourself a copy and add a personal message. Click the "Submit owner" button.
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    Have the new owner accept the email invite.
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    Repeat the steps for logging in and editing owners. Now you can delete the first owner of that team. You can walk through the prompts and you should now have new ownership of that team!

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