How to Change Your Earrings

Many women prefer to change their earrings to match them with the fashion or style of clothes they wish to wear. Whether they are small studs to large hoops, this article will help you to learn how to change your earrings.


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    Disinfect the earrings you want to wear. Place the earring post and any backings in a small amount of rubbing alcohol. Leave it on the side for a few minutes. You may also use unscented anti-bacterial soap instead of rubbing alcohol.
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    Remove your earrings. If your earring comes with a backing, remove that first before attempting to remove the post from your ear. Earrings without backings, such as french hooks, can easily be removed by sliding the curve out of the ear.
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    Put a small amount of rubbing alcohol on a Q-Tip or a cotton ball. Use it to disinfect your ear holes, including the back.
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    Take the chosen earrings and insert the posts into the holes.
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    Secure the posts with backings, if needed.
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  • Try not to poke yourself with the earrings. Put them on slowly and carefully.
  • It is recommended to not change out earrings on a newly pierced ear. Many professional piercers will advise you not to change them up to 6 weeks. If the earrings are taken out beforehand, the chances of the holes closing are very high.

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