How to Chase Somebody on Foot

This information will tell you how to chase somebody in the best way possible. It also tells you what to do when you catch them.


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    Assess the situation. Is the person armed, or is it somebody you would not be able to handle? If so, you had better not chase them.
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    Try to predict where the person is going. If you know, you can go there instead of chasing them.
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    Determine whether it's worth it. Are you chasing the person for a good reason? If they have simply stolen a few dollars, or are a friend, you should chase them carefully, being careful not to knock things over, or not chase them at all.
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    Cut corners and take shortcuts. For example, if they go down some stairs, maybe you can jump over a railing to get down quicker?
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    Do not do anything illegal, unless you are chasing somebody for a very good reason. If you know they are about to kill somebody, or have stolen something very valuable, you may be forgiven for smashing a window, trespassing or knocking something over.
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    Do not lose sight of the person. If you do, you must look for signs of where they have gone, such as startled people and things that have been knocked over. If you cannot see anything like that, ask people very quickly.
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    Try to corner them. If you know the area well, try to make the person you are chasing run to a dead-end.
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    Tackle them. Dive and grab the legs of the person you are chasing. Restrain the person and call for help.
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    Lose some weight. Depending on the situation and what exactly is described as "weight", less weight means more mobility. If you're carrying a backpack on your way back from school and the situation is important, drop it, preferably somewhere safe. This enables you to move faster and sustain more energy.


  • If you are in a better physical condition to the person you are chasing, you may try to tire him out.
  • If the chase occurs in an open area, consider using a football tactic of predicting path. Simply run towards where he is running rather than running straight at them.
  • If you are in a worse physical condition, you may have to borrow a means of transport such as a bike.
  • To run faster do not lean into your run until you feel you would fall forward if you weren't running, keep your body straight and vertical. Leaning into your run, intuitively, seems like it would make you run faster, but will actually slow you down. (Also, you may lose your balance or sight of your escapee)


  • This is not even close to all the things one needs to consider. To put it more simply, do not try chasing anyone for any reason other than a true life and/or death matter unless you have been properly trained for such as... a police officer, security staff, etc...
  • Do not damage valuable property in the process of chasing the person. A window being smashed is okay in extreme circumstances, knocking a chair over or something very easy to fix is generally okay. However, an expensive object such as a television or stereo being broken is not okay unless you plan on replacing it.
  • Do not trip up. This will considerably give the person a lead, and you may not catch them.
  • If the person you are chasing does something truly suicidal, for example jump off a bridge onto a boat, do not attempt to duplicate this unless you are trained at this kind of stuff and are absolutely sure you will be okay.
  • Do not seriously injure or kill the person you are chasing.
  • Never steal anything to chase someone.

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