How to Chew Gum in Class

Three Parts:Learning to Chew Gum DiscreetlyChewing Gum DiscreetlyStaying Out of Trouble

Although chewing gum is not allowed in the vast majority of schools, sometimes we just can't help ourselves! Chewing gum can help you stay attentive and alert in class.[1] Studies show that students chewing gum during tests do 26-36% better than those who don't. It can improve your memory and help you learn better in school.

Part 1
Learning to Chew Gum Discreetly

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    Change the way you chew. Chew slowly and discreetly. Make sure your mouth is shut. Do not make unnecessary chewing noises. Practice chewing this way for edible food that you put in your mouth. It will help you chew more quietly during class.
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    Do not chew very fruity or tasteful gum. There are many varieties of gums you can choose from.[2] Certain chewing gums can leave a very powerful and strong scent behind, which your teacher can easily smell. Choose a non-colored gum; one that is preferably white or pink and looks similar to the features in your mouth.
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    Practice a few minutes a day at home talking with gum in your mouth. While speaking, maneuver the gum with your tongue to the top left or right of the upper corners of your mouth near your molars (the teeth closest to the back of your head). You can also hide the gum under your tongue or on the roof of your mouth. Eventually, you will become skilled at speaking with gum in your mouth.
    • If you lift up your upper lip to your nose you will see your gums. Hide your chewing gum there and suck back to flatten it. This can be painful if done for too long.
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    Think like the teacher. Put yourself in his/her shoes. If you were the teacher and thought that a student might be chewing gum, you'd probably try several different tactics to find the culprit.
    • Avoid patterns of chewing gum in the same class. A teacher may begin to notice that you always chew gum in his/her class. Chew gum at different classes and times of day to create a habit of spontaneity.

Part 2
Chewing Gum Discreetly

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    Chew the gum outside of the classroom during a passing period. Try to do this before you get to class. If you have a fresh piece of gum, have a drink of cold water as it drains away the scent.
    • The longer you chew the same piece of gum, the harder it gets to chew. Note that this may lead to more noise when chewing.
    • Chewing can also help the scent of the gum to dissipate more quickly.
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    Distract people away from your mouth. Draw people away by using hand gestures and direct eye contact when speaking. Gum can leave a very powerful and strong scent.
    • When answering yes or no questions, feel free to nod instead of answering.
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    Stop chewing your gum when the teacher is nearby. Just let it sit in your mouth. Do not move the gum with your tongue because your throat will move as well.
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    Don't blow a bubble. Your teachers and classmates will hear it pop. They may even be watching as you blow the bubble with your mouth.

Part 3
Staying Out of Trouble

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    Create a diversion. Ask to use the restroom to avoid being suspicious. Pretend to yawn during class, while cupping your hand over your mouth. Pretend to bite your nails. You may also act like you're getting something out of your teeth. Try a fake sneeze or cough to stay out of trouble.
    • If you have braces, and the teacher sees you move your mouth in a chewing motion you can always say that it was wax. If you think your teacher is suspicious of you having gum, ask to go to the bathroom to fix the wax/bracket/etc. It makes him or her think it was an orthodontic issue, not chewing gum!
    • If the teacher smells your gum and asks about it, hide the gum in your mouth or simply say you had some candy earlier. If they ask what candy, answer with something that smells like your gum.
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    Discard the gum. When you throw your gum away, hold your hand up to your face like you are scratching your nose and with your tongue move the gum into the palm of your hand. Always make sure you have a tissue, old wrapper, or piece of paper in your pocket to put the discarded gum into. Remember, some teachers know this trick, they were at school once too!
    • You can also pretend to blow your nose while discarding the gum.
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    Swallow the gum. The popular misconception that it will take 7 years to pass through the digestive system is not true. The gum will pass through quite harmlessly without sticking to anything that it should not. However, there's no point in doing so if the teacher has already seen it.
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    Admit defeat. If your teacher has caught you, own up to your gum chewing. Let them know you'll never do it in their class again. There's no point in enraging them any further by swallowing it or lying about it (which may get you into even worse trouble). Admit defeat, practice, and try again in another class.
    • When asked if you are chewing gum, reply no and state that you were chewing on your tongue. If they don't believe you, open your mouth while hiding the gum and stick out your tongue. Keep in mind that your gum may fall out, or fall down your throat while doing this. Do only if you are absolutely sure that the teacher is not certain you're breaking the rules.
    • If you get caught, bite a little bit off and spit some of your gum in the bin. When walking back to your seat, you'll still have a bit of the gum. Start chewing discreetly when your teacher's back is turned.


  • Sit in the middle of class. Students who sit in the back tend to not pay attention during class. Teachers can assume you're one of those. If you're too close to the front, the teacher can easily catch you.
  • Instead of chewing the gum, try tongue pressing it; knead the gum on the roof of your mouth with your tongue. This requires no jaw movement.
  • Do not stick your chewed gum under your desk/chair. It's unhygienic and can put off other people if they sit in the same place as you.
  • If you have a VERY observant teacher, don't bother chewing gum in his/her class.
  • DO NOT hold your hand in front of your mouth whilst talking.
  • If you are chewing mint gum and your teacher smells it, you can say that you brushed your teeth.
  • The best time to chew is during lunch, even though it's not considered a class. Chewing gum during lunch gives the lowest risk, if any, of getting caught. Chew after you finish eating to freshen your breath and prevent tooth decay.[3]


  • Do this at your own risk; you can easily get caught.
  • Do not eat the gum wrapper.

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