How to Choose a Boarding School in Dehradun

While the internet makes it a lot easier for getting details on boarding schools, it is still a difficult decision to opt for a boarding school. First of all, it involves separation from parents and friends, then it involves the challenge of adapting to a new environment. On the positive side, boarding schools ensure that students learn to live a disciplined life and become self dependent. To make a good selection of modern day boarding school in Dehradun, consider the following steps.


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    Decide why Dehradun is the chosen location. Dehradun is considered to be a hub of top reputed boarding schools in India.[citation needed] It is the area where many parents are keen to send their child for schooling.[citation needed]
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    Prepare a list of all the schools in Dehradun that you favour. Check the school websites and video tours. Go through to the section where students talk about the school. These student comments are a helpful indicator of student fulfillment and experiences.
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    Shorten your selection. This is time consuming but essential. Discuss with your child the advantages and disadvantages of each school. Talk about the offered activities on the list. Shorten the choice to between 3 to 5 schools. Here are few queries you can ask your child which school is he or she going to prefer.
    • Do you have special interest in sports, arts and music?
    • Do you prefer single sex or coeducation school?
    • Do you want large or small school?
    • Any special interests?
    These few questions are sure to slip away the schools in your most preferred list.
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    Go through the relevant websites to explore the catalog of wants and musts in detail. Try to match the requirements of your child and yours too.
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    Visit the schools in Dehradun. A visit to each of the possible schools is a must. It is only in doing this that you will really get an idea whether the school is a good fit for your child and your requirements. While you are in the school campus you need to ask lot of questions about the school and its activities. Ask such questions as: attention to students, quality of faculty, quality of resource, availability of the teachers for the boarders, academic standards, extracurricular options and the participation of the managing body, etc.
    • Save your data and keep track of it.
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    Take away the pre-registration forms and admission test. Many schools require pre-registration by sending a draft in the name of the school. They select the students by standardized admissions tests. Take an advice on these tests and prepare your child and give lot of practice to the child.
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    Fill out the form for the test and admission. Nowadays most schools provide admission forms online.
    • Download the forms from the website and fill in the school's requirements carefully.
    • Attach all the certificates and documents required.
    • Submit on time so that those are taken care of early.
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