How to Choose a Gift for a Sagittarius

Three Methods:Choosing a Gift for an Adventure-Loving PersonChoosing a Gift with Gemstones or ColorChoosing a Gift for an Avid Reader

A person with the Sagittarius sign in Western astrology has a birthdate between November 22 and December 21. Sagittarians are said to be independent people with a love for travel and adventure, and have an appreciation for intellectualism and humor. Get some gift ideas for the Sagittarius in your life who may share these qualities.

Method 1
Choosing a Gift for an Adventure-Loving Person

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    Plan an outdoor adventure. Organize an outing in nature for you and your Sagittarius. Go for a hike, explore a cave, go camping, or have a picnic once you’ve reached the mountain peak, forest glen, or secluded island you’ve ventured to.
    • Further pump up adrenaline with an activity like an amusement park, water park, or go-kart race.[1]
    • Take the Sagittarius out to dinner at a restaurant with foreign cuisine and pretend you’re traveling to that country, or even plan a future trip there together.
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    Buy plane tickets to a new locale. Consider splurging on a trip to someplace new and exciting that your Sagittarius has never been to. Ride camels in Morocco or go white water rafting in New Zealand. The more exotic the better!
    • Opt for the type of trip that will keep a Sagittarius active and exploring, rather than a relaxed cruise or beach vacation for which he or she will stay very idle or cooped up.[2]
    • If you can’t afford such a trip, try buying a book with rich photos and maps of an exotic locale, pick up a cookbook for international cuisine, or visit an import store to find something straight out of a foreign country.[3]
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    Get quality travel gear. Give a Sagittarius some of the gear and accessories needed to travel easily and in style. Try new luggage, backpacking gear, guidebooks, or useful maps. Tailor your gift to the person’s needs for a specific upcoming trip, or one that you plan to take with her or him in the future.
    • Also try giving a Sagittarius a digital camera, a Polaroid camera, or other photography equipment to document travels.
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    Take the train for an old-fashioned adventure. Plan a gift where you hop on a train for a cross-country trip by rail. Get a sleeper car for longer trips, or just take time to explore the observation and dining cars during the trip.
    • Try hopping out at every stop to take a quick picture at each location. Then put together a photo collage or album of all the snapshots to give to the Sagittarius as part of the gift.
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    Try a new adventure sport. Take a Sagittarius kayaking, rock climbing, boating, or even bungee jumping or skydiving. Try something new that he or she has never done before and that will get the heart pumping.
    • If you’re looking for a good activity for the winter months, when a Sagittarius has their birthday, try skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, or snowmobiling.[4]

Method 2
Choosing a Gift with Gemstones or Color

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    Buy clothing or other items in Sagittarius colors. Choose blue, red, yellow, and brown colors if you choose to buy the Sagittarius clothing or other garments. [5]
    • Also try gifting artwork like paintings, tapestries, or sculptures in the same colors, which can be displayed in the home or apartment of the Sagittarius.
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    Look for jewelry with Sagittarius birthstones. Buy a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings, cuff links, or other jewelry set with a turquoise stone or another gemstone he or she is particularly drawn to, as Sagittarius has many other gemstones associated with it, including ruby, topaz, and sapphire.
    • Also try jewelry with charms or elements that feature an archer, centaur, or bow and arrow, as these represent Sagittarius’ constellation symbol.
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    Try a Sagittarius-themed shirt, mug, or hat. If particularly fond or proud of their zodiac sign, buy your Sagittarius a themed item that features the Sagittarius name, qualities, or archer symbol.
    • You can also order a personalized Sagittarius item that has their name and birthdate on it. Many Sagittarians will appreciate a thoughtful and sentimental gift like this.

Method 3
Choosing a Gift for an Avid Reader

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    Choose a philosophical or spiritual book. Pick out a book by a famous philosopher or a book on personal spirituality or religion, as Sagittarians appreciate deep thought and personal growth.
    • Also consider gifting an e-reader or tablet, ebooks for an existing e-reader, or audiobooks so that the Sagittarius can read or listen on the go for the next vacation or adventure.
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    Gift books with beautiful artwork. Pick out a coffee table book or other visual book that features beautiful photography or illustrations.
    • Try a travel book with rich maps and images, or an anthropological work that focuses on the culture, people, landscapes, or artwork of a specific exotic locale.
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    Find collector’s or rare edition books. Track down a Sagittarius’ favorite books in first editions or special collector’s editions. Look at used and rare book stores, antique shops, or online stores like Ebay and Amazon for special or antique copies.
    • If you can’t afford or find a special edition book, just look out for some unique or interesting cover art that you or the Sagittarius has never seen before. Or, get a signed copy from the author if you can.
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    Try a humor book. Honor a Sagittarius’ good sense of humor by gifting him or her a book by a humor writer or comedian. Or get a special edition DVD of his or her favorite comedian or comedy movies.
    • If he or she would rather enjoy comedy in person, try going to see a comedian, a comedy open mic, an improv show, or a funny movie or play.[6]
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    Get a subscription to a magazine or journal. Start or continue an existing subscription to a magazine that ties into a hobby that the Sagittarius has, or something he or she would like to learn more about. Or start a subscription to a literary journal so he or she can stay up to date on the latest and best poetry, fiction, and essays of the literary world.
    • Try a magazine based on travel, the outdoors, or ethnic cuisine to cater to the Sagittarian desire for adventure and the exotic.
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    Take her or him to a lecture or book reading. Treat a Sagittarius to a lecture by a prominent thought leader or philosopher, or to a book reading and signing by his or her favorite author or poet.[7]
    • If the Sagittarius can’t attend a reading or signing, try to pick up or order a signed copy of the book for her/him from a bookstore that has extra copies on hand.


  • This is just a general guide based on some common qualities of people in the Sagittarius sign according to Western astrology. You should always tailor gifts to an individual person and their interests, as he or she may not necessarily share these common qualities.

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