How to Choose a Nice Watch

There are many different watches in the market. Find one that fits your style.


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    Decide what kind of watch you want. Analog? Digital? Both?
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    Choose the band. Do you want a metal band? Rubber? Polyurethane?
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    Determine your price range. Under $100? Under $1000?
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    Be sure that the watch can actually tell time. In other words, get one that has quartz or mechanical movement. The first uses a battery and a vibrating crystal while the latter one uses a wound spring and a gear system. Some watches have a movement that is charged by the movement of the wrist, this will keep the watch wound or charged indefinitely whilst you wear it. Seiko has quartz movements that do this called "Kinetic" and mechanical movements that do this are called "Automatic" .
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    Styling may be very important. For example if you want a sophisticated, sleek look you might want to find a sleek, thin, long silver watch. For more of the punk/rock star look, you could get one with a very wide webbing or leather band. For the classy, preppy look, a metal analog watch would be nice.
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    Get a watch that is durable. You can't really tell by looking at one, but you can check its ratings by the manufacturer. Rolex, Tag Heuer, Rado, and other well known brands are very well made. Check the manufacturer to make sure they have a reputation of good watches, if expensive. At the lower price range some good manufacturers are Seiko, Casio, Swatch, Timex, and Orient.
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    Check for water resistance. Unless you see a marking for meters (ex. 30 meters, 100 meter, etc...) assume that it cannot be worn in water.
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    If you are worried about battery life, go for digital watches, some CASIO models claim for 10 years of battery life. You can also choose an automatic, this is a totally mechanic watch that winds itself. You can get affordable automatics from Orient


  • If the watch which you are going purchase for everyday use and cheaper ones ($20-$50), then go for such a watch for which you yourself can change batteries. This would save a lot of dollars for getting battery replaced.
  • Purchase a watch with standard sized strap (10, 12, 14, 16, 20, 22 mm) as they are easily available everywhere. If the strap is too wide like 35 mm, then such straps are hard to get and are much too expensive.
  • For the average person, a Seiko, G-Shock, Swatch, or Casio are all great values.
  • Stay within price range. Watches are easy to lose, and your investment might just go out the window.


  • Beware of counterfeit brand name watches. If it seems too cheap to be real, it probably is a fake.
  • Many reputed Swiss Made watches should be bought from their official dealers. Buying Swiss watches online may be risky.
  • Never try to open a watch yourself. Always take it to a certified jeweler.
  • Don't buy an analog watch without markings unless you are able to read it.

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