How to Choose an NHS Consultant

The National Health Service (NHS) consists of 3 out of the 4 publicly funded health systems that are in the United Kingdom. A NHS consultant is a doctor who specializes in a particular field within the NHS. Under the NHS, you can choose a doctor for your various medical needs. Here are some tips you can follow if you need to know how to choose an NHS consultant.


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    Ask your general practitioner for a referral to a specialized NHS consultant. Ask your general practitioner for a few names that you can look into. A consultant will only take you as a patient if you have a letter of referral from your general practitioner. This letter will give the consultant background information on you, including your family and medical history.
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    Research the consultants your practitioner mentioned to you. Take your time and check their credentials. Double check if the consultant is on the General Medical Council's register under their listed specialty. See if there are any reviews on the specialist that you can find online. Look at their specific office hours to see which fits your schedule best.
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    Consider how far you want to travel to see your NHS consultant. The location of the consultant you choose is important because the closer they are, the less time you will have to take off from work, the less distance you will have to go if there are complications, an emergency or if you need to follow up with the consultant.
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    Set up initial consultations with each consultant after you have narrowed down your choices to 2 to 3. This meeting can give you a feel for each specialist to see if they are a good fit for you. You should be able to be comfortable with them and feel free to ask any questions. Ask questions about themselves, their business and how they address patient rights, and pay attention to see if they answer your questions satisfactorily. It is important that the consultant you choose makes you feel comfortable and answers your question since you will trust them with your body and health.
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    Ask additional questions if you are looking for a consultant to perform your surgery. Ask how often they have done the same operation you will be having done. Find out where your operation will be done and ask the consultant how often they have performed operations there. Ask the consultant about post-operative procedures and what their specific role will be in your recovery and after care in the hospital and in the office once you are discharged.

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