How to Choose Between Private and Public School

If you have the option to pick your school, one of the questions you're likely to have is: "Should I go to a private or public school?". This article will help you decide.


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    Take into account the distance. Figure out how long you're willing to drive to school in the ––10 minutes, 30 minutes? Now, figure out all of the schools that are within that amount of driving time from your house. You may find that there isn't even a private school in there.
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    Do some research. If there are private and public schools within your area, you should do some research on the differences between private and public schools in general. For example, do private schools actually get better results? Do public schools really expose your child to more types of people? You may find that by asking yourself questions like these you'll actually realise which type of school you think is best!
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    Narrow down your selection. First, make a chart of all the schools near you, with one column for public schools and one column for private schools. Then, pick a characteristic; for example, good results. Then, find out about this characteristic for each school. If the school doesn't have enough of that characteristic, cross it off. For example, if there are ten schools on your list, but only 5 of them get good results, you can cross out the other five. Some other characteristics you can do this with are: big sports field; good music program; or good art program. Once you have done this step with several characteristics, move onto the next step.
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    Go through your choices. Now that you have crossed off the undesirable schools, look at your list. You will probably have a mixture of public and private schools, but there will be more of one type than the other. Which type is it?
    • If there are more private schools, it's likely that the private schools in your area are better for you and/or your child.
    • If there are more public schools, it's likely that the public schools in your area are better for you and/or your child.
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    Cover all angles. Since each school is individual, it's unfair to base your decision solely on whether the school is private or public. Make sure to do research on all of the schools left on your list.
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    Consider the cost. Once you have narrowed down your selection of schools to under five schools, it's time to take into account the cost. You should figure out how much your family can afford to spend on schooling. If the fees for a school are too high, cross the school off. You may find that you can't afford any private schools, in which case, you may have to pick public schools.


  • You can use the Internet to find schools near you

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