How to Choose Effective Domain Names

Do you want to make your business easily accessible to everyone? The internet will help you to make your dream come true. There are a large number of companies which are spreading their business worldwide with the help of the internet and you can easily do the same to achieve your business goals.

However, you first need to understand what domain names actually do and how they serve your business needs? As you already know, almost every company has their own website where they provide complete information about their services, products, functionality, etc. and you would be benefited to do the same.

However, this is not always an easy task. Making the right decision can take you higher and a wrong decision can create problems.


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    Ask yourself if the company has ICANN registration. This is important to know before you buy a domain name, confirm that the providing company is accredited by ICANN. It will help you to make a safer choice.
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    Check if it's a secure website. When you purchase or register domain names, you will share your credit card information with the company. Thus, before you provide the details of your credit card or other personal information, ensure the site’s security.
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    Make sure your account requires a log-in password. Your company should follow the industry’s best practices for secure web transactions. You should consider your security first and request a log-in password.
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    Read the Privacy Policy carefully for surprises. Check the details carefully so that you are sure that the company will not sell your data to a third party. Also, they should tell you why they required your personal information and who can edit or access your information.
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    Know that there are three main types of contact details are normally required: technical contact, registrant information and administrative contact. You need to provide all details accurately, but should provide professional contact details aside from your personal information.
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    Know the definition of a "registrar lock". A registrar lock means, no one can enter and change your personal details without your permission. You should check to see if this option is available, then if possible, use it to protect your personal information.
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    Check if the company has an auto-DNS renewal service. You need to renew your domain after a certain time period so, it is better to check into renewal options prior to purchase. Does the company offer a renewal service? What are the charges and how good is this service? If the company is offering multiple renewal notifications, an auto renewal option, or pre-renewal of your domain, you will not have to worry about ever losing your domain.
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    Check to see what else the company is providing to you and find out what their charges are for these additional services. Does the company allow you to move to a different company free, or at a reasonable cost? Regardless of the cost for registration, their other services and charges should be affordable.
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    Retrieve your hosting company's contact information. In case you have any trouble, how would you contact to the company for solutions? Check for their toll-free number, e-mail support, etc.


  • Before you purchase a domain, do a strong keyword research. Consider which keyword would be better for your website name. Use relevant keywords for your website name. For instance, if your site is about foods, ensure to buy which would benefit your site.
  • Always try to choose a short but attractive name of your website. This will help your visitors to remember your site more easily.
  • Experts advise not to use hyphens in your website name. There are two major reasons behind this advice. One, hyphenated names are hard to remember and second, they do not pass the “radio test”. For instance, job related website which contain hyphens do not sound good when advertised vocally. Therefore, Jobs Domain Names which contain hyphens sound unprofessional.
  • Make certain that no spelling mistakes are made with your website name.
  • A unique name for your website will cause it to stand out and get a better ranking position as well.
  • If you come across a good available name for your website, don’t miss the chance, grab it as soon as possible. In today’s active online business world, domain names go quickly and it isn’t guaranteed that a name that is available today will be available tomorrow.
  • Choose a name that ends with .com, .org, .net because these three are the most popular and help to achieve better ranking in search engines. Also, you can choose according to your location such as .ca for Canada, or .au for Australia.


  • Before you purchase a domain, ensure its overall control is in your own hands. Every small to major detail should be able to be managed according to your need. Also, you should have control over the decision to switch to another website hosting company if needed.

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