How to Choose Pediatrician During Pregnancy

Selecting a pediatrician for your baby is an important undertaking. You need to make sure that the doctor's office that you choose takes care of your child to your satisfaction. Additionally, you need to ensure that the doctor's office you choose is responsive in the event that your child is sick. Consider the following list of steps if you need to choose a pediatrician during pregnancy.


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    Research pediatricians in your local area. You can do this online or in your yellow pages. Ideally, you should select a pediatrician that is near your home so that the journey to the doctor's office is not a long one with a sick baby. Additionally, you don't want to have to resort to rushing your baby to an emergency room because it's closer than the doctor's office. Make a list of the doctors you would like to learn more about.
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    Get recommendations from family members and friends who have children. Ask them which doctors they use for their children and how they like the care and service they receive. Recommendations are helpful because they give feedback on first-hand experience. Determine which of the recommendations you would like to explore, and add them to your list.
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    Make a list of all the questions you would like to ask potential pediatricians. Determine office hours and find out whether the office is open on the weekends; whether there are onsite x-ray and laboratory services, or whether they are located nearby; and if they have 24/7 nursing assistance.
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    Learn about the pediatrician also, such as whether the doctor is 1 member in a medical group of doctors; whether your potential pediatrician specializes in a particular area of medicine besides pediatrics; and if the doctor accepts and responds to e-mail queries.
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    Visit the facilities of the potential pediatricians. This way you can see how clean and child-friendly the waiting room is and the service of the staff. Feel free to question parents in the waiting room in a friendly manner, and without interrogating them.
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    Make a decision based on your findings. Know, however, that you should continue to analyze the service and care you and your child get. Decide if you are happy with the waiting time. Watch how the doctor and nurses interact with your child and how your child responds. Determine whether the doctor invites questions. Ask the doctor medical questions and take note of whether there is enthusiasm to answer your questions and put your mind at rest.
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    Understand that you can always change your mind. You don't have to stick with the pediatrician you first select. If you are not happy with the medical care your child is getting or the service you are receiving, then consider choosing another doctor for baby.

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