How to Choose Shoes

You need some new shoes? Choosing taking you a while? Take these steps to prevent spending your whole day at the mall.


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    Decide what kind of shoes you need. Do you need boots, sandals, athletic shoes, flats, casual, or dress shoes?
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    Decide on a price range and whether you will do bargain shopping or use a small gift card If so, you probably will want to go on a day when there is a sale or a coupon distribution.
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    Once you've decided the first two steps, decide which stores provide those criteria. If you have $25 to spend on shoes, you probably won't go to a designer shoe store. Narrow down your shopping to three shoe stores plus a Walmart or other target store as last option. Don't settle for Walmart or Targeted store when you still have another option.
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    When you're at the first store, check out the prices whether they are reasonable?or whether you can get them for less? Maybe write some generic prices to compare stores to, (e.g. Converse: $29.99)If they are of a reasonable price, start looking for things you like. If there isn't something that jumps out at you, leave. You can always come back.
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    At the second store, compare prices to the first store. Is there much of a difference? If the shoes are cheaper, or barely more expensive, then look around. Again, if nothing jumps out at you, record the prices and leave the store.
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    At the third store, be a little more lenient on the price. If you can't find anything here, then you can either go back to one of the previous stores, or get something very generic at Target or Walmart.


  • Try to search Online coupon sites to get coupons before you go. That way, you have a little more option to choose from.
  • Try to order the stores from an estimated lowest to highest price. This doesn't work totally, but it helps!
  • See which stores have sales going on.

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