How to Choose the Best Desktop for Gaming

So here you are, on the cusp of making a pretty significant purchase. You've scoured the web, you've inspected each placard at your local electronics retailer and try as you might, you just can't seem to narrow down what sort of rig you're going to need. Do you follow the suggestions you read on the New Egg forum from ProGamer4747 and get the best of the best that is out there or do you scale it back a bit and risk having to upgrade by the end of the year? Below is checklist to make even the most dilettante electronic connoisseur an informed buyer.


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    Keep your eye on the processor. The processor in your desktop is going to have a significant impact on your computer's performance. If you're looking for a processor that has a lot of bang for the buck and won't completely empty your savings account keep your eye open for Intel's i7 six-core line.
    • If you really want to pull out all of the stops you can take a step up and go with an AMD processor that touts as many as eight cores, but be aware that you're looking to spend quite a bit more if you take this route.
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    Keep an eye on the PC's memory. Titles like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and most FPSs put a lot of pressure on a system's memory. Eight GB of ram should be the lowest you want to go, with 16 being the benchmark. If you're looking to overclock the PC, then keep an eye out for DDR3-2133 memory.
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    Get the right graphics card associated with the PC. While integrated graphics will get you by for you lower end games, such as most things of the Google Play or Chrome store, anything above that demands a higher quality card.
    • The top quality graphics cards on the market right now sit with AMD and Nvidia. For a mid-line graphics card you should be okay with 1 to 2GB such as a card from the AMD Radeon or Nvidia GeForce Gt series.
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    Consider a few extras. Most computer setups you get from a retailer will come standard with a keyboard and mouse, but these are often your basics and aren't designed with the gamer in mind.
    • Mechanical keyboard are going to give you the best response rate and come with a really tactile feel that gives you assurance that you're hitting your mark.
    • Noise cancelling headphones can also be a great thing to keep in mind to get the most out of all those water ripples, gun shot re-verbs and background ambiance.


  • Make sure you fully understand your warranty. Getting an in-store warranty might also not be a bad idea. Stores like Best-Buy offer a comprehensive supplemental warranty program.
  • Explore your options, don't feel obligated to make a purchase just because a sales person gave you an exhaustive explanation on the rig in front of you.
  • If you are also purchasing a monitor, keep your eye out for TN panels as they offer the fastest response time.


  • Never purchase a piece of hardware that is older than two years. If not already, it will soon become outdated and not worth the investment.

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