How to Choose the Right Software Vendor

Thanks to advanced technology, business activities and process are more simplified than they have ever been in the past. Coordination of activities and information sharing has been enhanced considerably, thereby leading to smooth flow of operations within the organization. Now, while software has come to help businesses improve their activities, there are many software options in the market to choose from. Whether you are planning to build EHR system or you are a correctional institution looking for the right offender management software, there are a number of factors to consider.


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    Establish what you want: The very first thing in finding the right software vendor is establishing what you hope to achieve. This means determining the needs that you want your software to meet within the organization. Doing this will strategically align you as you can narrow down your software vendor search. Be clear from the very beginning to facilitate an easy and proper search.
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    Look at the credentials as well as certificates of your vendors: This is an extremely beneficial exercise that must be done if you want to find the right software vendor. Looking at their credentials and certificates will not only enhance your search but also increase confidence on the vendor you finally choose. Beware of software providers who refuse to give you access to these important documents.
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    Consider scalability and customization: Another important consideration when choosing software provider is determining the scalability and the room allowed for customization. It is important to note that correctional facilities, businesses and hospitals may expand their activities and size sometime in the future. Will you be required to change your management software, accounting software, EHS system, or any other software when this happens? If yes, this might eat deep into your company budget yet there is a route you can follow at present to counter such anticipated challenges. Look for a vendor whose software bears adequate scalability and customization abilities to gain maximum benefit.
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    Be on the lookout for any hidden costs or fees: Some vendors are tricky with the aim of taking advantage of your innocence. If you are not careful, you will find yourself unknowingly paying for additional costs such as in-person training, maintenance or set up fees and monthly support fees among many others. Read the contract carefully to detect any hidden costs that may allow your software vendor to hike the fees during the period of the contract. Also check if there are provisions permitting you to end the contract six months later if the software does not meet your expectations.

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