How to Choose Your Unique Wedding Decor

There are so many decisions to make about your wedding. Even if you have chosen your dress and a wedding venue, you are not quite finished yet; you still need to choose the décor for your wedding reception venue. There are so many wedding décor ideas, lists 322 different books on wedding décor alone. No wonder you are overwhelmed, but you don’t have to be. Taking some time to think about what you want your wedding to be like can narrow that field down a great deal.


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    Do some research, but try to find something unique to you. Start by browsing the web, looking through magazines, or consulting a wedding planner. Try not to copy other people's style completely; try to adapt the ideas of others to come up with something unique. However, if you find something that captures exactly what you want, it is perfectly okay to incorporate that design into your wedding.
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    Consider choosing your décor style based on your dress. Letting your dress guide your choices can pull the wedding elements together nicely. The bride is always the focal point of the ceremony, so it makes sense to use the dress as a jumping off point for your décor.Examples:
    • Formal. You may be leaning toward a more traditional route for decorations, a classic look with draped white fabric, roses, gold accents and lush greenery.
    • Chic. In that case perhaps a more sleek and modern design might work. One or two colors, simple, classic touches, no balloons or glitter.
    • Old fashioned vintage flair. A rustic theme might work well in that case.
    • Fairytale-like. A long, princess-like dress might indicate a storybook themed wedding.
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    Take a hint from the time of year. Plan your Décor depending on what month or season it is. This will accentuate the best parts of that season, like the warmth of summer or the gorgeous winter scenery. Examples:
    • Winter weddings quite naturally lead themselves to décor that celebrates the season, bright jewel tones for the holidays, wintery white with fur, or pines, snow and icicles.
    • Spring is a perfect time to incorporate vibrant colors, an outdoor inspired theme with an array of daisies, tulips and daffodils or the Kelly green of St Patrick’s Day.
    • Summer weddings are a perfect fit for the shabby chic motif with rustic farm décor or perhaps a relaxing ocean theme with cool soothing colors.
    • The spectacular colors of Autumn go well with a vineyard inspired theme, leaves and grapes accenting the browns, golds and reds of fall.
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    Express the history of the bride and the groom. Make sure to include special details about your relationship in your decoration choices. After all, this is a celebration of your new life together as a married couple, so this is a perfect opportunity to include the details of your time together.
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    Consider basing the location of your wedding in a place special to your relationship, such as where you first met as a couple, where your first date was, or where he proposed. For example, if you met at a park, you could weave a garden décor throughout the wedding, using bright florals and lots of greens. Maybe you met at the beach or on a cruise, so including a nautical theme would fit perfectly.
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    Embrace the traditions of each of your families to create a signature event unlike any other. Whether Irish or Scottish, Hispanic or Hungarian, each culture has indelible colors, tastes and textures that will make your wedding highly personal and meaningful for both families and the friends and loved ones who attend. Don’t be afraid to include meaningful elements from your family’s background.
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    Reflect your unique styles and personalities in the Décor. Feel free to choose what you both love and weave your personalities into the wedding. Choose the Décor that expresses your individuality.
    • Have you always loved western music and dance? Use this interest in your decorations, by having from drinks in mason jars, or decorating the altar with horseshoe hearts. Weaving this theme throughout the décor adds a unique charm and flair to the event and makes it highly personal to you.
    • Have polka dots always been your thing? Do you and your husband to be love watching old movies together? Using a black and white inspired theme can be a fun way to showcase your individuality and have a wedding that is both striking and highly personal.


  • Probably the most important decoration you can add to your wedding is your smile. Don’t let the pressure of choosing the right décor take away from the incredible experience of planning your wedding.
  • No matter what you choose, it is not about a color wheel or a certain fabric; it is a special day devoted to celebrating your new love with the person who you love. There is no decoration more beautiful than two people who love each other.


  • This special day will be something to look back on during your entire married life, so it is important to think about more than just a current interest, but how the wedding will be viewed ten or twenty years from now.
  • Sometimes, you may need to improvise, because decor can get expensive. Try to set a budget and stick to it.

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