How to Clean a Spa Filter

A Spa or hot tub filter is a breeding ground for bacteria growth. Regular cleaning and changing of hot tub filters is required for limiting bacteria growth and prolonging the life of the spa pumps. Dirty filters restrict flow which limits performance in the tub and can cause problem from leaks to pump failure.


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    Once every two weeks, you should rinse the hot tub filter thoroughly to remove debris such as skin, hair and leaves. Once every two months, a more involved process is required to remove oils that are saturating the filter and causing a restriction in the flow of water through the filter.
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    Soak the entire filter overnight in hot water and a filter cleaning solution. You can get granular or liquid filter cleaning solution from any swimming pool or spa store.
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    After soaking the filter overnight, be sure to rinse very well. Detergent trapped in the filter can contaminate the water with phosphates or cause foaming in the hot tub due to the impurities in the water.


  • Instead of buying filter cleaner from a specialty store you can use automatic dishwasher detergent to clean your filter. Automatic dishwasher detergent is made to remove grease and oil as well as not foam which is what filter cleaning solution is essentially.
  • Try using a new plastic garbage pail for soaking of larger hot tub filters

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