How to Clean Up a Right Click Context Menu Using CCleaner

One thing that often troubles us is the right-click context menu being clustered with shortcuts that we no longer need. If you feel the need to clean it up for some reason, this article will explain how you can clean it up, using just CCleaner.


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    Download, install and open the free version of CCleaner. CCleaner can be downloaded from the Piriform website using one of the three servers they provide (Piriform, Filehippo or Cnet).
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    Click the Startup tab and choose Context Menu. This is where you will get the list of all the applications that appear on your right-click context menu.
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    Single click one of the options that you'd like to disable.
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    Click the "Disable" button, which can be found to the right of the list choices of items that are currently enabled.


  • If you ever accidentally disable an item from the context menu and later want to re-instate the option, you may click "Enable" to bring it back to the context menu, or click "Delete" to delete the item altogether.

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