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Three Parts:Getting StartedPlaying the GameMixing Drinks

Bar Oasis 2 is an iOS game made by Corners Studio Ultramarine Limited. This quirky visual novel blends a realistic bar-tending simulation with a great story and a huge cast of characters. You'll have access to 100 recipes to make drinks. As previously mentioned there is a Story Mode, but also a Make Drinks mode. You can even learn to make these drinks on your own time!

Part 1
Getting Started

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    Adjust the Settings. Before anything else, go to the Settings first to adjust your preferred options for the game. At the Settings menu, you can see the volume for the game and then below it is the pour speed. This bar indicates the level of the pouring of liquor; you can adjust it to faster or slower.
    • If you're having a hard time pouring right-handed, turn on Southpaw in the settings to pour left-handed.
    • Restart Story Day - This option turns back the time to the start of the day, if you want to bail out of a bad day or just start the day over. This is useful for situations when you run out of time or accidentally served a bad drink to a customer.
    • Clear All Saved Data - This button will reset the game. You don't have to worry about your in-app purchases; they will remain even after resetting the whole game.
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    Start a new game. You will be playing as the bartender, managing also on behalf of your boss since he tends to run away in order to explore the world. Most part of the game revolves around your character, listening to his complaint and problems, such as his past love life.
    • To clear every part of the game is simple. All you need to do is entertain customers, make them the drink they ordered, serve, and then interact as they enjoy their cocktails.

Part 2
Playing the Game

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    Familiarize yourself with the game scene. Before we jump into making drinks, let's start first with welcoming the customers. In the game, you will be put in a first person view. You will be standing behind the bar and the customers will come and sit on the stool in front of the counter.
    • You will see 7 gray dots at the bottom left of the screen; these dots show the available seats. If the dots become green, it means that a customer occupied it.
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    Read the dialogues. Bar Oasis 2 is like a novel game. You read, interact, and know the happenings of your character as the game progress. You will witness drama, fun moments, and even tear-jerking segments.
    • If you weren’t pay attention to what the customer is saying, you can always look up the past dialogues. You can find the button at the upper-left corner of the screen.
    • Take note that it can only show you the last 50 lines, which probably is enough to catch the gist of the conversation.
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    Slide the coaster. Now that you have a customer, get that customer to take their order. They won't tell you their order just yet. You have to slide the coaster toward them first, letting them know that you're going to take their order. Simply slide your finger over the screen.
    • If you ignore the customer, the green dot will become yellow and then red. If you keep on ignoring them, they will eventually leave the bar.
    • Your customer(s) leaving may or may not give your bar a bad reputation, which in result, decreases the number of customers in the future.
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    Kick out drunk customers. There are instances when customers will arrive at your bar already drunk but will want to buy more drink. You will be given an option if you want kick them out or let them stay to have more booze.
    • Keep in mind that letting them stay may cause problems to other customers.
    • If the drunk customers will cause problems, either your good customer may leave without paying or the drunk customer will trash your table and chairs.
    • Kicking drunk customers out will only give less penalty compared to accepting them. Best to avoid trouble than letting it happen.
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    Take your time. Time doesn't flow when the dots on the bottom left-hand corner are not shown. Customers won’t leave while you're making drinks, so take your time to get your drinks right.
    • Customers also won't come in the bar while you're mixing, so take this as if the game went into pause whenever you open the Drinks menu.

Part 3
Mixing Drinks

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    Get more recipes. There are hundreds of drink recipes in this game, each one has different descriptions and complete guides on how to make it.
    • As you progress in the game and unfold the stories behind those smiles and making new friends, new recipes will unlock. You will also get new kinds of drinks, from the famous brand of vodka to whiskey. The possibilities are wide, which makes this game more enjoyable.
    • All recipe in the game are real—a very useful in-app reference, especially for players who enjoy cocktails.
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    Write down orders. Now that you have slid the coaster, you're ready to take your customer's order. Some customers will muse on what drink they want to try out while others will seem to be in a hurry.
    • You can take multiple orders, but there are chances of mixing the drink, so don't forget who ordered what.
    • After taking the orders, slide your finger across the screen (down to up). This will make your character look down at the counter.
    • The Order Sheet will be highlighted; this means that you have acquired an order. Tap on the Order Sheet to bring up the list of drinks.
    • Scroll down until you find the drink ordered by your customer, then tap the name to start mixing.
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    Prepare the selected drink. Right after you tap on the drink, the menu will be brought up. Take note of the picture of the drink, such as the texture and the glass used. Scroll down to see the recipe to know what type of alcohol is needed.
    • Once you're ready, tap on the arrow button at the bottom right of the screen to start.
    • You are now facing the shelf. Select the glass needed from the shelf; make sure it’s the same as that in the picture of the drink.
    • If you're unsure or forgot the steps and recipe of the drink, you can check it by pressing the square button at the lower left of the screen. You will notice that a glass, drink, and other things needed are now highlighted. Simply tap on those and then press + sign to add it in your inventory.
    • If you checked the recipe while in the mixing process, this will decrease the quality of your drink. However, you may still achieve excellent results once done properly.
    • You don't have to worry about the customer while you’re preparing and mixing your drink, as mentioned in part 2; customers won't leave or come in the bar while you're mixing drinks, so take your time.
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    Mix the drink. With the items you need added in your inventory, you can start mixing. Press the arrow button at the bottom right of the screen. Now slide your finger over the screen (bottom to top) to bring up the bottle and then tilt your device side ways to start pouring drinks.
    • Take note of the maximum amount to pour, which can be found at the upper-right of the screen. Once the amount reach the desired number, hold a finger over the bottle's mouth then tilt the device back to vertical.
    • There are drinks that require a lemon squeeze. To do this, simply place your thumb on the other side of the lemon and your pointing finger at the other. Slide both finger closer as if you're squeezing the lemon.
    • If you have to add sugar or salt, simply tilt your device toward you.
    • Now that you have added all the ingredients, you will be required to mix them. All you have to do is to face your device in front of you, then tilt your device on either side, moving in circular as if stirring. An “OK” will appear if you have stirred enough.
    • Your drink is now complete! Serve the drink by sliding it toward your customer.
    • If you're unhappy with the result of your mix, you can also make a new one. Just dispose the one you made by tapping on it.
    • Now that you're all set, keep on making drinks and pleasing your customers with your bartending skills.


  • You don't have to worry about saving. Even if you accidentally closed the game, Bar Oasis 2 is set to auto-save. You can return or leave your game anytime without worrying about losing your game data.
  • You can save your game in three slots, so you don't have to worry about missing out a part of the game. If you're unsure of your decision, save your data before you proceed.

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