How to Collect Video Games (Teens)

People love collecting things. Video games are one of those things. Collecting these vast systems and games may be hard for teens, but you must keep at it.


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    Choose your desired path to collect. You can make a list of the producers of the consoles then list all of their created systems, then choose to or not to pursue them at first. For example, Microsoft has probably the smallest amount, at 3 console including the Xbox One. So, use your resources (if you're a gamer, you should be resourceful) and look around for the consoles of your choice.
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    Choose which games to go with your newly bought console. If you chose the PS2, maybe GTA or God of War are some good starting titles. Xbox, choose Halo: Combat Evolved or Halo 2, both great games. Nintendo systems, any Pokémon, Mario, Zelda or Metroid game will work. Your game library is just as important as your console passion.
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    Once a path is chosen, pursue it. Research your desired console then evaluate prices. Gaming and collecting are arts, don't become the slob of the gamers.
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    Use your resources. As stated earlier, if you are in fact a gamer, then you should be resourceful. Ask around your school, look on various web sites, go to yard sales, thrift shops, etc. to see if anything is available. Your friend might have a rare console like the Virtual Boy and would like to sell it for a good price. Use caution when going on web sites like eBay. Amazon turns into eBay when looking for used items. Look for the full console at a cheap price unless it is cheaper to buy a $20 console with $6 hook ups. Try to find the limited consoles like the Pikachu Game Boy Color. It goes for fairly cheap.
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    Once you get a decent collection, organize them! Take all your consoles, games, and accessories and set them all in one place. Find a sturdy shelf, or make your own. Organize them however you like. I took a shelf and put all Nintendo on one, Sony under that, and so on. You can organize them by release date (NES first, SNES next, ect.) or by alphabetizing them. Try to display the accessories in a way that isn't messy. wrap your controller wire around your controller, and take the hook ups and wrap them around your hand, forming a circular wrap.
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    Enjoy your collection! Show it off! But don't be too cocky.


  • Make sure your life isn't devoted to it so much that you lose friends or relationships because of it
  • Organization is important
  • Know your subject
  • Look over the console/game thoroughly before buying


  • Don't let it consume your social life

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