How to Compete in GvG (Guild vs. Guild) on Forge of Empires

Two Parts:PreparationsGo to War

GvG, or Guild vs. Guild is a unique and rather complicated feature of Forge of Empires. With this feature, your guild can battle against others to come out as the top ranked and strongest of them all! This article will show you how to prepare for and compete in GvG.

Part 1

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    Make sure that you and at least 10 or more of your fellow guild members are in Iron Age or higher.
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    Build military buildings from the era you want to fight in. Go to your building menu and click on the tab with the crossing swords on it; there you can find all the military buildings you have unlocked so far. Build as many as you can fit into your city.
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    Once they are up and ready, start recruiting! Click Train, which is orange, and recruit as many as you can. Encourage your guild mates to do this; the more firepower you have, the better!
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    Build goods buildings from the era you want fight in while you are waiting for your troops to train. The goods buildings are located in the building menu; click on the tab with the pile of bricks on it. Build at least one of every building or one or more of the ones which you have boosts for.
    • To see which ones you have the goods boost for, look for a green tick on the menu that appears when you hover your cursor over the building.
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    Start producing goods. Encourage your guild mates to produce as many goods as they can as you will need a lot to compete in GvG. Once you are producing, store the goods in the guild's treasury.
    • To do this, go to "global" and click on "your guild" and on the menu that appears; there is a tab saying "Treasury", click it and there you can donate as much as you want or can.
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Part 2
Go to War

  • Now that your troops are ready to fight and the treasury is stuffed with goods, it's time for war!
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    Click on "Guild Continent Map" and there you will see more maps, each one for different eras. At first, you cannot do anything until the daily calculation begins; this depends on your country's time zone. The clock usually resets at night or early in the morning so be prepared!
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    Once the daily calculation begins, go to the map of the era you want to fight in. Find somewhere to set up your first headquarters (if your guild already has a headquarters, ignore this step)! Find a NPC sector; they are easier and you don't usually need goods to take them.
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    Click on it and a menu will appear. Assign some troops and attack! Once you attack, your guild mates can join and help take that sector. Once the opponent's army is defeated, that sector is yours!
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    Defend your headquarters against invaders! Keep an army in there at all times; in the meanwhile you can attack other sectors and expand your empire!
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    Expand your empire. Click on any adjacent sector with red bars (the green ones are sectors owned by your guild) and then click "View sector." The assigning menu will appear. Get your troops assigned and place a siege on that sector; your guild mates can now join in and fight in battle!
    • You can keep in touch with the message center or global chat.
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    • Like with NPC sectors, once they are defeated, that sector is now yours! It will have a green shield floating above it until the calculation ends. Keep winning and your guild will rank up and become stronger!
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  • You don't always have to fight, you can just watch or support your guild by producing and donating goods.
  • If you are not sure you can win a battle, you can always surrender and battle again later with more troops. At the start or during the battle, click on the flag and then click "surrender" and this will save your troops from dying and you having to recruit more.
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  • Sieges won't last forever. A guild can take back what was theirs and will try to so. Keep an eye on your sectors and defend them with troops!
  • Never press the two swords button in battle (next to the flag); this will automatically do it for you and you are most likely to lose it this way.

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