How to Complete a Photo Album

Arranging a photo album to completion isn't necessarily something many people plan to do but if you want the album to be enjoyable for those viewing it, planning it from beginning to the end can make it better. Here are some suggestions.


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    Decide what pictures you want in your photo album. Since the event of digital photos, the choice is endless but make your selection from only the very best photos you have.
    • The one exception to "only the best" is where you have no other photo of a person, pet, or place you visited than a not-so-great one and it's really important to have that photo included; see if you can Photoshop it to improve it.
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    Decide how to approach adding the photos. Perhaps use a theme, such as a road trip you took, or a special event. If it's family and friends, choose photos that show them at their best, and doing things that are truly representative of them.
    • Other themes might be nature, pet, craft, woodwork, backyard, renovation, makeovers, etc.
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    Decide on order. Do you want to chronological order (by age/years) or choose specific special events (such as birthdays, Christmas/Diwali/Hanukkah/school vacation time, etc.).
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    Add a few notes about that picture. While you might remember now, down the years it is easy to forget and other people who don't know anything will appreciate a little information added to the photos. There are several ways to add them - on the back or slide a note card in when you put in your pictures, or scrapbook a special card piece and add it.
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    Arrange your pictures in the album according to the order you have chosen. In terms of how you arrange them, that is dependent on the album. If it already has pockets or slots, you'll have to use those. If you're using a blank album and your own sticky photo tabs, arrange them as wished, perhaps in a scrapbook style, or in neat lines.
    • If using a pocket or slot style, check that the photos are right side up.
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    Label and date the album once it is completed. Once full, place it somewhere that is easy to access by any member of the family to look at whenever they want. Enjoy viewing your memories for years to come.


  • If you decide to add notes to your pictures, make sure you use an acid-free gel pen. Before you write on your picture, do a "test write" with the pen to make sure it won't leave any indents in the picture or the ink won't leak.
  • This is a memory book. Have the best pictures to keep in your memories. Keep this in mind when choosing your pictures so that way you don't have blurry or damaged pictures in your photo album.
  • The pictures must be able to fit in the pockets. Most photo albums are 4 inches (10.2 cm) by 6 inches (15.2 cm), which is also common photo size. If the photos are too big, you might have to crop them with a paper cutter or scissors. If the photos are too small, glue them with an acid-free glue to a paper that is the right size for your photo album.


  • Take care if using scissors and beware paper cuts.

Things You'll Need

  • Photo album
  • Photos
  • Acid-free glue (optional)
  • Backing paper (optional)
  • Acid-free gel pen (optional)
  • Scrapbooking notions (optional)
  • Note cards (optional)
  • Scissors or paper cutter (optional)

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