How to Complete Site Phi in SOMA

During your adventure in SOMA, you have come across Site Phi. The ARK has now arrived during the time you spent at Site Alpha. Your first goal will be to recover the ARK and get the power back on in the facility. Then you will need to shoot the ARK into space once and for all!


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    Retrieve the ARK and restore power to the station. Once you first reach Site Phi, you will need to use your Omnitool at the nearby control panel. This will turn on the power to the station and allow you to retrieve the ARK. Once online, head to the Loading Dock.
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    Head to the Loading Docks and open the locked door. There will be a ladder leading down to the Loading Docks. Here, you will come across a Battery Pack. Pick it up and insert the pack into the door control found on the far side of the room. There is a WAU connector beside the door, which can restore your health if you need it. Once you unlocked the door you can find the ARK inside.
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    Pick up the ARK and place it in the large missile shell. You will need to take the ARK to the room on the right side of the ladder. You will need to insert the ARK into the large missile shell. After this is complete, head back to the Battery Pack from earlier and pick it up and bring it back to the room with the missile shell. Insert the Battery Pack into the controls surrounded by red lights in the room, then seal the shell by pressing the button on the terminal up the small steps.
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    Head to the Launch Dome. Before you leave and make your way to the Launch Dome, you must pick up you Omnitool. Use the Omnitool to seal the door behind you, and head out to the Launch Dome. You will need to transfer the ARK after this is done.
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    Transfer the ARK into the satellite gun. Once you reach the Launch Dome, you need to place your Omnitool on the control panel. Once done, proceed to take a seat and place the orange “+” onto the ARK and then click the interact button to pick it up. You will need to move the crane over the gun until the “+” turns green. Click the interact button once complete.
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    Launch the ARK. Press the launch button right after Catherine finishes her speech and watch the event. This will complete SOMA and eventually bring up the credits. You can view the ARK by waiting for the credits to come up.

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