How to Compromise Holidays With Your Significant Other

Holidays are stressful enough when just dealing with your own family, but they can seem impossible the moment you add your spouse or significant other's family to the equation. The following guide will detail some ways that will keep everyone sane with the least amount of hurt feelings.


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    Talk about it. The first step in reaching a compromise is to discuss the situation. A heart to heart discussion will do wonders. Not only will you each know where the other stands, but talking about it can even give you much needed insight for yourselves to understand what is and is not acceptable as far as the decision goes.
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    Listen. Take note of which holidays are the most important for your significant other's family. Be willing to offer something if you expect your significant other to give something up. For example, if his family is very religious, and her family is not, then a more secular holiday like Thanksgiving could be traded for a more religious holiday like Easter. Since both families would like Christmas, they might consider alternating years, or visiting both families if time and circumstance will permit.
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    Be firm in your decision. Once you have a plan, do not let relatives try to change your minds. You and your significant other will have a unique perspective on the situation that few others will be able to grasp. You are in this together, and have already made a decision based on what will make for the least amount of hurt feelings.


  • When you tell your respective families about your holiday plans, make it known that the decision has been made in the best interests of everyone affected. Instead of telling them what holidays they will not be getting, let them know which ones they ARE getting. This will often soften the blow.
  • First and foremost, make sure that you and your significant other are both satisfied with the outcome. If either of you feels as though you have been slighted, it isn't much of a compromise.


  • Feelings can and will be hurt when things like holiday visits are concerned.

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