How to Concentrate in a Hot Classroom

Some classes can be difficult to concentrate in. Add in heat and humidity, and you can find yourself daydreaming of diving in a pool or laying on a glacier, instead of focusing on what's going on in the classroom. No longer shall you miss vital notes because you were wishing for a cool air front to move through the city.


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    Drink plenty of water. If you know ahead of time that it will be very warm outside, bring an ice-cold bottle of water. Otherwise, ask the instructor if you can go to the water fountain. Dizziness and nausea as a result of being dehydrated will distract you from what's being taught.
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    Chew minty or wintergreen gum. Not only will the cooling sensation in your mouth provide temporary relief, but the act of chewing can keep you awake instead of dozing off.
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    Tie any long hair off your face and neck. If you don't have a hair band, use a rubber band. While it's not ideal, it can provide relief for the time being. Shorter hair can be easily clipped away from the face.
    • Roll up long sleeves and cuff pant legs, if this is allowed in your school's dress code.
    • Kick off your shoes for a few minutes to get fresh, cooler air to your feet. Be sure they are available to be put right back on.
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    Apply a cool paper towel over your face, neck, and other warm regions. Ask the instructor for a lavatory pass, and dampen a paper towel with cold water. Apply it to whatever body part you desire.
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    Make a small fan with a piece of notebook paper. Be sure it will not be disruptive to other classmates.
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    Stick it through. The class will be over soon, and you can be free in cooler classrooms. Try to concentrate on what the teacher is saying, and actively participate in the lesson.


  • Stick one bottle of water in the refrigerator, and one in the freezer overnight. Drink the one from the refrigerator in the morning, and the melting one from the freezer in the afternoon.
  • Try asking your instructor to lower the lights or pull down the shades. Less heat is being generated from light this way.
  • Ask to use the restroom or get a drink of water if you absolutely need cool air. Refresh yourself.
  • Clear your desk off except for the things you must have out - whether it be notes or a textbook. This includes tucking away cell phones.
  • Ask your teacher if you can bring a water bottle with cold water in it during class


  • Don't break school rules and risk consequences just for trying to stay cool.
  • Try not to get caught chewing gum or you will have to face the consequences.
  • Avoid disrupting fellow classmates' concentration, as it is easier to get called out by the instructor if other students are looking at you.

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