How to Connect Two Paper Clips without Touching Them

This is a pretty cool trick. It works, it requires minimal materials and no setup, and it is super easy to do. Amaze your friends by connecting two paper clips without touching either one.


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    Obtain two paper clips and a piece of paper. A dollar bill is about the right size, or you can use any long, narrow piece of paper.
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    Fold the piece of paper into thirds so it looks like a flattened "z". You should have a top layer, a middle layer, and a bottom layer.
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    Clip top layer and the middle layer together from the side, as shown. Put the clip towards the loose end.
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    Clip middle and bottom layers together with the other paper clip. Put the paper clip towards the loose end.
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    Pull the ends of the paper apart. If you've clipped the paper clips together correctly, they will move towards each other.
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    Keep pushing and pulling till it pops through
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    The paper clips will join and pop off the paper.
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  • It's much easier if you use metal paper clips instead of plastic.
  • Once you have two down, get a longer strip of paper and try 3, 4 or more.
  • Use medium-sized paper clips, not the small or very large ones.
  • Use small paper clips in stead of using the medium size or the very big sized paper clips.


  • If doing this trick with money, don't pull the ends too quickly or you could rip the note.
  • Don't make a bet that you can do this without touching the paper clips at all. You will have to touch them for the initial setup!

Things You'll Need

  • Two paper clips.
  • A dollar bill or other strip of paper.

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