How to Connect With Your Spirit Guide

Two Parts:Making a ConnectionIncreasing Your Chances of Connecting

Connecting with your spirit guide can be a deeply moving and affirming experience. The voice, individual, or feeling that you sense can give you strength and advice. Finding your spiritual guide is a very personal process, and each individual will experience things differently. Some might even have to patiently wait for a long time before connecting with a spirit guide. Meditation, visualization, and writing techniques, however, are general ways of seeking and communicating with your spirit guide to gain a sense of direction and purpose.

Part 1
Making a Connection

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    Visualize your way. When you feel relaxed and ready, you can start by visualizing a journey to meet your spirit guide. Close your eyes, take a few breaths, and begin picturing in your mind whatever imagery suits you. For instance:[1][2]
    • Imagine yourself climbing a set of stairs. At the top, there is a door. When you open it, you will find a room or space where you can greet your spirit guide. Picture yourself climbing each stair, one at a time, until you are ready to reach the door. Let the staircase be as high as seems right to you.
    • Imagine yourself rising upwards out of your home, away from your street, into the sky, and into outer space. Picture the stars, moons, and planets that you might see there. Feel for the one that seems like the right place to meet your spirit guide, and go there.
    • Imagine yourself walking through a dense forest or field of tall grass. Feel your way to a clearing, and picture yourself entering it to meet your spirit guide.
    • Try connecting with your spirit guide through dream visualization, such as lucid dreaming.[3]
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    Recognize your spirit guide. Once you have reached the place where you can meet your spirit guide, you should be ready to make a connection with it. Keep in mind that your spirit guide might be someone or something (such as an animal or other creature) that you see, but you might also only hear it, feel it, or just “know” that it is there.[4]
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    Make a specific connection. When you have found your spirit guide, it will be nice to have a confirmation that it knows you are there and wants to communicate with you. Try:
    • Asking its name.
    • Asking for a sign.[5] For instance, your spirit guide might play a melody that is very special to you, or cause you to smell a scent that you like, or say something about you that no one else would know—anything to show that you are connected.
    • Looking for synchronicities and coincidences that show you are connecting with your spirit guide.[6][7] For example, perhaps your spirit guide will say a quote that you will read later in the day.
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    Try automatic writing.[8] If you are having trouble connecting with your spirit guide through visualization, or just want to try a different method, you can use automatic writing. Get a pen and paper, close your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and ask your spirit guide to write through you. Keep writing without stopping until you feel the connection has ended for now. Afterwards, analyze what you wrote to see how your spirit guide was communicating with you.
    • Automatic writing might take the form of recognizable words. However, your automatic writing might also incorporate images, doodles, and even alternate languages and alphabets.
    • Whatever comes out, don’t filter it as you write. Just let it flow as long as you feel connected.
    • Use your intuition when trying to interpret your automatic writing.[9] Look for connections to things that interest you, questions you have, and images, phrases, or ideas that keep coming up.
    • Don’t be surprised if your automatic writing is difficult to interpret or even impenetrable.[10] Be patient if you don’t understand, and see if your spirit guide will help reveal things in time.
    • Don’t just look for answers to questions you have, or reflections on yourself. Try to understand the character of your spirit guide as it is expressed in the automatic writing. This can help you become closer to your guide.
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    Write a letter to your guide.[11] Another way to connect with your spirit guide through writing is to address a letter to it. Get yourself in the right mental and spiritual state through breathing exercises, meditation, or other means. Then, using paper and a pen, start drafting a letter to your spirit guide.
    • Once you have finished your letter, you can keep it in a special place (such as a box), or symbolically deliver it to your spirit guide (burn it, throw it in a river, or let the wind carry it away).
    • Afterwards, look for signs and synchronicities that show your spirit guide has received your letter.
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    Ask questions.[12][13] Whether visualizing your spirit guide or writing to it, you should feel free to ask it questions. Remember it is there to guide you, so ask it whatever is on your mind. If you are writing to your spirit guide, you can use two differently colored pens—one to write down your questions, and another for your spirit guide’s answers. Questions you might ask include:
    • "Who am I?"
    • "What do I really want?"
    • “What should I do about X?”
    • “What changes should I make in my life?”
    • “What is my purpose in life?”
    • “What is holding me back?”
    • “What is the universe made of?”
    • Any others that are specific to your life, goals, worries, dreams, or interests.
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    Keep a record of your connections.[14][15][16] You may enjoy keeping a journal of all the connections you make with your spirit guide, whether through visualization, writing, dreams, meditation, or some other means. Record the day and time, how you connected, the messages or signs that you received, how you felt, and anything else you recollect.

Part 2
Increasing Your Chances of Connecting

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    Create the right environment.[17] You’ll need to be in the right space and mood in order to connect with your spirit guide. Create a quiet space by cutting out distractions (computers, phones, television, etc.). You can even hang a “do not disturb” sign on your door if you want to be alone. Dimming the lights, wearing comfortable clothes, and lighting incense or candles can also help.[18]
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    Breathe. Once you have prepared your space and are sitting comfortably in an upright position, start by taking a few slow and deep “grounding breaths.”[19] This will increase your alertness and focus.
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    Meditate.[20][21] You can use any of the various meditation techniques to relax and focus your mind and body. This will help you enter the right mental state to connect with your spirit guide. Try this simple mindfulness meditation exercise as a start to help relax and open your mind:[22]
    • Sit down in a comfortable position, such as on a pillow or mat.
    • Close your eyes.
    • Take a few deep breaths, exhaling slowly each time.
    • Turn your attention to your breathing cycle. Think and feel each time as you breathe in and out.
    • If your attention wanders, just bring it back to focusing on your breathing.
    • Keep your mind open. Don’t stop to judge any thoughts that you have.
    • When you feel that your mind has cleared and you are relaxed, you can try to connect to your spirit guide through visualization or other techniques.
    • Try meditating for a minimum of 5-10 minutes at least once a day. Don’t get frustrated if you can’t connect with your spirit guide right away. The regular practice of meditation will help to open your mind, if you are patient.
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    Try using aids. While you will connect with your spirit guide on a mental and spiritual plane, you may find that certain tangible objects help you reach it.[23] Many believe that certain crystals hold spiritual powers, for instance. Likewise, you may also like to prepare for meeting your spirit guide by starting with a tarot reading.
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    Consult a spiritual advisor. Connecting with your personal spirit guide can take time and practice. Often, it requires techniques that go beyond what you can learn from a book or self-study. If you are serious about connecting with your spirit guide, consider working face-to-face with a spiritual advisor.
    • Spiritual advisors can take a variety of forms, depending on one’s beliefs and practices. You may find help from a guru, priest, shaman, psychic, medium, or similar individuals.[24][25]
    • You can connect with a spiritual advisor in your area by asking for recommendations from friends or a spiritual center. You may also find some that advertise their services online or in print media.

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