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Electronic Arts (EA) is an American video game–developing company, and one of the biggest in the industry, with several popular game titles under its belt, such Battlefield, Need for Speed, and SIMS, to name a few. If you’re playing any of the games released by EA and you encounter problems concerning any of the titles, Electronic Arts has a very accessible and specific line of customer support that you can contact to raise an issue, ask for help, and resolve the issue.


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    Go to the Contact Us page of EA’s website. On your computer, open the browser, type in on the address bar, and hit "Enter."
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    Find the game you want to ask a question for. Some suggested games are displayed on the page, and you can click on the left and right arrow on the sides to scroll along these suggestions.
    • If the game you’re looking for is not displayed here, type in the name of the game on the “Search all products” field on the upper-right area of the page. A list of game titles closely related to what you’re searching will be displayed below.
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    Select the game. Once you’ve found the game you’re looking for, click on it, then click on the orange Next button on the lower right-hand section of the page.
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    Select an issue. Once you clicked on a game title, a list of commonly asked issues will be displayed at the bottom of the page. If your issue is listed here, click on the link and the answers to these common issues will be displayed.
    • If your specific issue isn’t found on the list, continue by clicking the Next button.
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    Select the platform for your game. Not all games are available on all platforms. Therefore, depending on the game you’ve selected, platforms displayed on the list of choices will vary. Here are the platforms that EA have games for:
    • Playstation (both console and handheld portables)
    • Xbox/Xbox 360
    • Android (phones and tablets)
    • Apple (iPhone and iPads)
    • Kindle
    • Simply select your platform from the list and click on the on the orange Next button on the lower right-hand section of the page again to proceed.
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    Select a topic for your issue. Click on the drop-down list and choose the topic that most closely relates to your concern.
    • Once you’ve selected an issue, describe your it more on the text box provided below. You can only use 100 characters to describe it, so be as clear as concise as you can.
    • Click on the Next button to continue.
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    Choose how you would like EA to contact you. After examining your concern, EA’s customer support will try to contact you regarding the answer to your queries. You can choose from three methods of contact:
    • Answer HQ—This will take you to a specific section of EA’s Answer HQ site that’s most relevant to your issue. Answer HQ is a community site, much like a forum, for all levels of EA players around the globe who wants to share answers or for people like you who have questions to ask or problems that need to be solved.
    • Live Chat—When you select this method, a small browser window will open and you’ll be able to chat online with an EA customer representative. This is the quickest way to answer your questions, but you may have to wait a while before you can talk to a representative, especially when there are a lot of people trying to ask for support through live chat.
    • E-mail—For this option, just enter your first and last name, the e-mail address you want to receive the their response at, and additional information you want to add about the issue. EA will send its response to the e-mail address you provided.
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    Write down the ticket ID. After you’ve selected the means to contact you, you’ll be issued a ticket ID for your concern. Take note of this ID. In the event that you encounter the same issue again or the problem is not solved, you can give the ID to an EA representative so they can reopen your case and you can immediately get a response.
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    Wait for EA to contact you. Depending on the means you want to be contacted, EA will reach out to you within 24 hours to either ask more details or have you try out some possible solutions to your concern.


  • Currently, this is the only way to contact EA.
  • If your game uses an account, like the ones for mobile devices like iPhone and Android, you may be required to enter your account details (origin account) first.
  • Since Answer HQ is an open community site, be mindful of your manners when posting replies, and always use proper Internet etiquettes.

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