How to Convert PDF to Excel Using OCR Software

If you work in business, you may sometimes need to convert reports from PDF format to Excel for the purpose of performing calculations and analysis on the data in them. The conversion of PDF to Excel is made possible through the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, which renders the data capable of being edited and analyzed.


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    Open the PDF document with your OCR software.
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    Initiate the character recognition process in the OCR software. The character recognition process is automatically initiated by the OCR software as the pages of the PDF document are scanned.
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    Select the table format option in the OCR software. For the data to be presented in rows and columns so that it can be correctly recognized, you have to select the table format within the program.
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    Save the file in Excel format. After the completion of the recognition process, save the file in Excel (.xls) format. The converted data will have to be verified and formatted manually.
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    Format the converted document as per your requirements. Delete any unwanted columns.
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    Select, sort and format the relevant fields. After the redundant columns have been deleted, the relevant fields can be selected, sorted and formatted.
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    Edit the converted data to make it look just like the original PDF. The converted data from the Excel file can then be copied and pasted to the requisite template or edited in such a way that it appears just as it did in the original PDF.


  • Regardless of the number of pages of the PDF file, the latest Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software application takes only a few minutes to convert a PDF file to Excel format. However, verifying the converted data and making adjustments to its presentation and formatting requires manual intervention. If the OCR fails to read any specific graphical analysis present in the original document, the analysis must be reproduced again in the converted Excel sheet.

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