How to Convince Your Significant Other to Buy a Boat

Any married couple knows that you don't always see eye to eye, especially on big purchases. If you follow these steps you'll have that boat you've always wanted in one week flat.


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    Do Research, Know the Facts- In the time it takes to get to the grocery store and back, you could be aboard a boat and feeling a million miles away from that ridiculously long checkout line. Don’t believe me? Ninety percent of Americans live within an hour’s drive of a body of water ideal for boating. Talk to a local boat dealer, other boat owners and do your research to find the water escapes most convenient for you.
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    Set the Mood- Your Significant Other (S.O.) did not get those designer shoes or power tool set without dropping some serious hints. Help your S.O. see the light about how easy boat ownership can be. Snuggle up and watch some good boating movies. If that doesn’t get the engine running, plan a day of ‘window shopping’ together by using a calendar on the site to find a boat show near you. A nice dinner together after the show wouldn’t hurt either -- suggest a nice seafood place with a nautical theme, of course.
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    Ask Friends and Family the Benefits in front of your Significant Other- Forget what your mom told you about not following the crowd—trust me, the water is where the cool people congregate. Even the ones who swim right after they eat. Plan a day with friends who own a boat and make sure they brag to your S.O. about how much better life is with a boat. Did you know 26 percent of U.S. adults went boating in 2007? Ask your boat owning friends if the rumors are true – boaters are healthier, more relaxed and have better love lives – but, please spare us the details on the last part.
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    Discuss Financing Options- Owning a boat is easier than you may think. In fact, depending on the size of the boat, monthly payments come out around the cost of your weekly manicure or Fantasy Football League fees and three out of four current boat owners have an average household income of less than $100,000. Most dealers offer multiple financing options and there’s a plenty of budget planners out there to help balance the checkbook ( And, here’s some even better news—boats with a bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping quarters are considered a second home and can be eligible for the interest deduction on a second home. Take that to the bank!
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    Try Before You Buy- Would you ever buy a car without test driving it first? Of course not! The same rule applies when shopping for a boat, only you might come back with a tan. Talk to your local dealer about setting up a time for you and your S.O to test drive some boats. Regardless of whether or not you do any fishing, you’ll be hooked the minute wind starts blowing through your hair. Do your research before the test drive so you can ask the right questions and impress your S.O. for the first time since you crushed that empty beer can on your head in college. Other ways to ‘try before you buy’ include renting, chartering, and fractional membership or ownership.
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    Share the Perks of "Together Time"- There’s no doubt a boat can bring you and your S.O. closer together.Being on the water reduces stress and allows countless wellness and bonding benefits to you and the family. But, if spending time apart is the real goal here, we’ve got that covered, too. Classes are even held around the country to teach women everything about owning and operating a boat on their own. There’s also special pet classes to ensure water fun and safety for the four-legged friends. But, don’t come crying to us when you get home from work and your wife and supposed “Man’s Best Friend” are out on the water without you.
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    Let your Significant Other Make the Decision- By now your S.O. should be as excited about a new boat purchase as you are. There’s a reason why all those boaters look so happy and healthy—it’s because they are! Sit down with your S.O. and make the decision together. Life is short and it’s better with a boat.
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    Enjoy the journey of educating your significant other on the countless benefits of boating.


  • Birthday celebrations, surprise parties, and neighborhood parties held on a boat won’t soon be forgotten.
  • Boat shows and demo days are perfect places to introduce a spouse to boating.
  • Make dining afloat an integral part of their boating experience.
  • Few things are more romantic than dining aboard a boat.
  • Explore that lake or river or ocean just beyond a day's drive away.
  • Asking for your lover’s hand while afloat ensures that you have a story to tell to the grandkids.
  • Experience Nature’s wonders from the deck of a boat.

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