wikiHow to Cope With Being Under 13

Being under 13 really sucks, you can't even use Facebook! Until you can, this article will teach you how to cope with your age and your restrictions.


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    Find a hobby you enjoy. Be it playing an instrument, sport, singing, dancing or drawing. Doing something you enjoy will take your mind off of your age and will make you feel much better. It's also something anybody of any age can get involved in. If possible, join a club or group up with a bunch of friends who enjoy the same things as you.
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    Study. Yes, study. When you get into secondary school, you want to keep your grades high. The only way to do this is to start studying now. Studying will also improve your memory and make you better at whatever hobby you enjoy. Understanding how tension affects the guitar and how sound is made will improve your understanding of the instrument, making you a better player.
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    Keep healthy. Keeping fit will help you live a longer and happier life. Buy a bike and ride it around, play a sport or visit a running track. Don't get so caught up in losing weight that you forget to study and have fun. If possible, do some research about fitness. Understand how smoking and drugs affect the body and how keeping fit improves the performance and strength of your heart.
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    Keep clean.
    • Brush your teeth. Your teeth will look much better if you brush your teeth. Your breath will also smell nice. Don't forget to floss.
    • Take a shower every day. Wash your hair and body. This will stop you from smelling and will make you feel fresher. If you smell nice, people are more likely to be around you. Don't think that just because you are young that you don't need to keep clean.
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    Avoid trouble. No, drugs and alcohol do not make you cool. Smoking makes you stink and is illegal for anyone under 18. The law is in place for a reason, don't break it to try to act cool or like somebody older than you. People who need alcohol to look cool have some serious issues and need help. Don't be one of those people, they're responsible for all the bad stereotypes about teenagers.


  • Meet up with a bunch of like-minded friends.
  • Remember that there's plenty of things you can still do that people over 13 cannot! Cherish your childhood while it lasts!


  • The reason you must be over 13 to use many things on the internet is so no one finds your house. That is why the law exists.

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