How to Cope With Retirement

Retirement can be an uncertain, even frightening experience for many people. The prospect of having so much free time, with no strict work schedule or regular paycheck, can be very unnerving for the soon-to-be-retired or for those already in retirement. Here's how to manage your time and make the most of your post-career years.


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    Create your own social circle. These can include others who have already retired or even much younger people belonging to certain clubs or sports groups. Work on friendships that are important to you. This social contact can be an important source of support.
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    Rekindle the romance in your marriage or relationship. With the children grown up and on their own, use this time to focus on each other as a couple. It may also be the time to revive old friendships, the ones you've neglected due to stringent time constraints in your working years.
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    Give thanks for having come this far in life. Enjoy every moment of your leisure and relaxation. You may also have more time to dedicate to hobbies or doing the things you've always wanted to do. Retirement offers you the opportunity to indulge in new lifestyles and environments.
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    Strive for growth. This can take many forms. Increase your mental development by reading, watching television, exercising and being independent. This can also reduce the risk of future ailments.
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    Avoid self neglect. Avoid behaviors that will threaten your health and safety. These can include excessive alcohol consumption and any other form of over indulgence.
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    Be open to new experiences. Adapt to new, laid-back approaches rather than the nine-to-five routine you've been accustomed to.
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    Allow your children to make their own mistakes. Do not fuss over and get too involved with your adult children. You may annoy them and put a tremendous strain on your relationship. Use this time to focus on yourself. As a concerned parent, you can watch from a distance and step in only when asked.

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