How to Cope With Summer Vacation when You Want to Go to School

Are you eager to get back to school? Well, you're not alone! Summer Vacations can be a bit boring, so why not prepare yourself for school in the meantime?


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    Get everything ready. Are you tired of your backpack? Are all of your pens mysteriously gone? Is most of your supplies broken? Go shopping, and buy everything you need! Having high quality equipment is quite important, and it makes you feel more inspired to do good work. Things you may need;
    • Basic equipment like pencils, pens, rubbers, etc.
    • Folders, maps and notebooks to keep your papers tidy and organized
    • A Day Planner or a Calendar to keep track of your assignments
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    Organize your desk, and clean your room properly. If your room is tidy and everything is at its place, it looks much more relaxing and cozy. Once your room looks good and the things you need are easy to find, you don't have to worry about turning your whole room upside down when you need something. Then you can begin filling your desk with your supplies for school, so you'll be ready to start anytime.
    • You could change your room completely. Paint it and buy new pieces of furniture to give it an entirely new look to mark the beginning of a new school year. Unconsciously, this may help your brain to think that "I'm starting fresh!". You don't have to do something this drastic, either - get a couple of pictures up, and it'll make a big difference! This may keep you busy for a while, but that's what we want, isn't it?
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    Give yourself a makeover. It's not just your room that could use a makeover! Having the same style all the time can get quite boring. Buy new clothes and accessories, and a little make up if you're a girl. You will feel confident, and again - it will keep you busy. Not only is this a good way to prepare yourself for a new year, it will definitely help you impress that special someone.
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    Write down your goals for this year. Then you will stay motivated, and you will keep these things in mind every day. Being aware of things that will improve and obtain good grades is a good idea. These goals don't have to be very hard, that will just make you think that you can't do it. If you, however, write down small things you want to achieve, you will guaranteed feel motivated and it will help you get better grades. Also, make sure you write down why you should keep doing these things. Give yourself a reason. Here are some goals you could use;
    • I will raise my hand at least five times every day, as this improves my grade, makes me feel confident about myself, and teaches me to speak out loud in front of the class.
    • I will take good notes during classes, as this will make me learn a lot more, the teacher will see that I work hard, and it makes it easier to do my homework.
    • I will keep track of when we have assignments, and I will do them properly, as this greatly improves my grade, the teacher will see that I work hard, and I will learn a lot.


  • Get together a music playlist you can listen to on the bus.
  • Get addicted to something if you're bored. A band, a television show, a video game... anything.
  • Use your time to get better at the subjects you're not very good at.
  • If you've gotten any assignments you were going to do during summer, do that now.
  • Get a job! You'll earn money, and your time will pass by rather quickly.


  • Remember to have fun, too! It's summer, after all!
  • If you're going to use makeup, don't overdo it.

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