How to Cope with Vog

Vog originates from volcanic eruptions and when sulfur dioxide mixes with the moisture and oxygen from the sun. Because of the chemicals in the air, it can be harmful to humans, animals, and the environment.


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    Hydrate with liquids. Always keep a water bottle or a rehydrate drink with you at all times. Avoid any caffeine, for example hot coffee or sodas that would dehydrate your body fast.
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    Stay indoors and keep yourself cool with an air conditioner or fan. If you're sensitive to unknown or unnecessary smoke or fumes (like firework smoke), limit your outdoor activities or make fast, short errand trips. Use newspaper or your hands to create a "fan" to keep you cool.
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    Wear loose clothing. In most events, the vog creates more humidity in the air; making it more hot and uneasy. Light colors, such as white, doesn't emit heat as much as wearing a dark color.
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    Don't look at the sky. This may sound funny or stupid, but looking up and seeing a hazy, glossy sky or mountain will make you feel depressed. This reaction sometimes occurs during a rainy day.
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    Call your doctor if any issues with breathing or other symptoms arise. If it's after hours, don't be afraid to speak with an advice consultant about the problems.
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    Keep medication handy. Even if it's an over-the-counter medicine to reduce headaches, always be prepared. Only take medicines when you need it, never to avoid a possible one. Relax your body or take a nap after the medication.
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    Evacuate if told or needed. If the vog gets worse or to an extreme level, you may be told to evacuate to a safer place.


  • Try not to burn anything during a vog. The smoke contributes to the air pollution that the vog creates. Depending on the vog level, burning may be banned in your area.
  • Always be careful on the road and turn on headlights if the vog interferes with driving.
  • Always take extra care of small children and babies. Just remember, if a person feels hot or sticky, relocate them to a cooler place. Have them in a well-ventilated area.
  • A way to tell if it's bad weather or a vog: If far away objects are visible and very clear to the eye, it's bad weather. If your view is hazy or if the color of the object seems not right, then it's vog. Some people don't have any reactions to vog.

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