How to Cover a Square Cake with Fondant

Square cakes are some of the hardest shapes to cover in fondant. This article will show you tips and tricks to make it easy to cover a square cake perfectly.


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    Level cakes with a knife or cake leveling tool sold in most hobby stores. Trim all sides of the cake even to give the cake sharp straight sides.
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    Then, a dirty ice. No crumb coat just lay it on thick
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    Use the drywall tool to scrape off the majority of the icing applied. Recheck your level and be sure it is perfectly flat and level. Make adjustments by adding or removing icing where needed.
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    Roll out fondant to size needed to cover cake at 1/8 thick. Use a new clean spray bottle to lightly mist your cake with water.
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    Pick up fondant with large silicone rolling pin and drape over the cake gently.
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    Stretch fondant easily so there are only creases hanging past the bottom of the cake board and none above the cake board. Your fondant should go past your cake board. The larger the piece of fondant, the easier it is to smooth. Fondant that barely covers the edges of the cake will most likely wrinkle and be hard to smooth.
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    Trim at the edge of the cake board to remove excess hanging fondant. This is important not to trim it shorter because it will cause wrinkles when smoothing. Also, if it is left long then when you are smoothing the hanging weight will cause the fondant to pull away from edges of the cake.
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    Start smoothing with a fondant smoother tool. Always start smoothing from each corner and work toward the center line of the side. Once at center line the start at the top and work your way from top to bottom. You can lift the fondant at the cake board to help release air and stretch a bit to pull out wrinkles.
  9. 9
    Smooth the top and sides of the cake. Trim bottom excess fondant with a sharp knife, pizza cutter or a craft knife.


  • Get a drywall tool at any home improvement store. Just remember to buy a nice one as it will be washed frequently and cheaper ones will rust.
  • To cover a cake in fondant, only a thin coat of icing is needed. Too much icing will cause the fondant to stretch and slide.
  • Warm up my fondant in the microwave before you roll it out. This softens it and makes it easier to work with. Roll out using a hi ratio shortening versus powdered sugar. With shortening, you don't have to clean your cake afterward.
  • Cake surface must be lightly misted with water. Any dry spots will leave air bubbles in your fondant. If the cake is too wet, the fondant may slide.
  • Always smooth all corners first, do not smooth any sides until all four corners are smoothed to sides of the cake.
  • A well chilled cake is easier to get sharp corners when applying fondant.


  • Fondant that is too thick will not smooth well.
  • Craft knives are very sharp, use caution.

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