How to Craft Cards in Hearthstone

Three Methods:Using the Crafting InterfaceDisenchanting CardsCrafting New Cards

Crafting cards in Hearthstone can help you get rid of cards you don’t need and provide new and powerful cards for your decks. By breaking down the cards you don’t want anymore, you can use the materials to create cards that fit your playstyle. There are many cards you can craft to add to your collection through the crafting interface in Hearthstone and learning how to craft them is fun!

Method 1
Using the Crafting Interface

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    Open the crafting user interface. To do this, open “My Collections,” located on the bottom of the main screen on the right hand side. Click the “Crafting” button located at the top of the screen. This will take you to a menu that you can enchant or disenchant cards from.[1]
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    Check out the different ways to filter through craftable cards. You can filter the cards in multiple ways. The drop-down menu on the upper left will filter the cards based on the Hero they are associated with. You can also filter the results by clicking the “Filter” button and choose cards based on the mana crystals they cost to play. It is a good idea to look through the different screens before deciding on what card to create or to destroy.

Method 2
Disenchanting Cards

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    Get some arcane dust. In order to create new cards you will need a material called arcane dust. This material can be obtained through playing various aspects of the game or through destroying cards you do not want. This process is called disenchanting. Different card types will give you different amounts of dust.[2]
    • Common (White) cards will break down into 5 dust.
    • Rare (Blue) cards will break down into 20 dust.
    • Epic (Purple) cards will break down into 100 dust.
    • Legendary (Orange) cards will break down into 400 dust.
  2. 2
    Look through the cards and decide what to disenchant. Cards you own and that can be disenchanted will show up in a full color preview. Cards you cannot disenchant or that you do not own are faded and transparent.
  3. 3
    Click a card and disenchant it. Once you have decided on a card to disenchant, click it and a menu will pop up. You will have the option to “Create” or “Disenchant” the card if possible. Click “Disenchant” and arcane dust will be added to your collection. The amount of dust you have can be viewed in the bottom-right corner of your screen.[3]

Method 3
Crafting New Cards

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    Choose the cards you want to craft. Different cards require different amounts of arcane dust to craft. The higher the rarity of the card you are trying to craft the more arcane dust you will need to craft it. If you have a particular card in mind you want to craft, but do not have enough dust to create it, you will need to disenchant more of your cards until you have enough dust.
    • Keep in mind that when you craft cards of high rarity, you will be sacrificing many other cards into to craft. Make sure you don’t accidentally disenchant too many cards and leave yourself with nothing to put in your deck to complement your newly-crafted legendary card.
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    Click the card you want to craft. A menu will pop up that will show much arcane dust it requires to craft. If you already have that card in your collection you will also be able to disenchant it from this menu. Click “Create” and the card will be added to your collection, allowing you to add it to your decks.[4]


  • Save up your dust for powerful cards instead of using it immediately.
  • Only disenchant cards you don’t like or don’t need. Sometimes when you see a card you really want, you may be tempted to disenchant enough cards immediately to craft it. This is a bad idea because you may be sacrificing cards that you will later need in order to get a single card now.
  • Collect new cards to disenchant by playing the daily quests or arena to get new packs.

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