How to Create a Lacing Needle from a Metal Scrapbook Post

Lacing needles are used for leather, rope and cord. You can create your own threaded lacing needle from an inexpensive metal scrapbook post.


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    Purchase a metal scrap book post from a hobby supply store or an office supply store. Posts are available in aluminum or steel. One end of the post has threads like a small bolt. The other end of the post has a threaded hole so that multiple posts can be screwed together.
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    Test inserting cord into the threaded hole. Twist the end of your cord into the threaded hole until it is snug. The cord should stay in the post when tugged. It should only come out when you untwist it from the post. Your tip of the cord or leather thong may need to be thinned slightly to fit properly. Remove the cord after testing for proper fit.
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    File the threaded end of the post. Grind away all of the threads. Shape the end into a point. Do not grind or damage any other part of the post. You may use a grinding wheel, a sander, a file, an emery board, steel wool, a whetstone or any other tool designed for grinding and polishing.
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    Polish the point. Use successively finer grit to polish the pointed end of the post until it is very smooth. You do not want it to snag material as it passes through.

Things You'll Need

  • A metal scrapbook post
  • A grinding or polishing tool

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