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Creating a cool, new species is fun! You can make one just for the heck of it, or to use in a drawing or story.


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    Decide on a "body type". Would your animal's body structure look like a normal cat? Maybe a squirrel? Use this animal body type to make a base for your design. Try sketching it out on a piece of paper. Use a reference image to get the anatomy correctly.
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    Now, decide on anything that might be slightly different. Let's say you chose a housecat as your body base, but you want to have a shorter tail, or more rounded ears. Try taking traits from other animals you like! Make it unique, or else it'll just look like a normal, existing animal.
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    Once you are satisfied with the body type and look, it is now time to make markings. It can have complicated markings, or simple markings. Choose a good color scheme. You can choose to make it natural, or have bright colors. Will all of these animals have the same markings but different colors? Do they all have certain general markings? Remember to specify things like these.
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    Decide if this animal should be an omnivore, herbivore or a carnivore. Berries, fruit, fish, nuts, rodents, and small birds are common foods. Maybe this animal eats only one type of food, like the koala. This should help determine where the animal will live.
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    Next, we'll go into habitat. Where would this animal live, and where would it make its den? The animal's diet will also play a part in this - if your animal eats fish, they'll need to live near ponds, lakes, or oceans. What regions of the world would this animal live in? Climate? These are all important factors.
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    Finally, you need a name! You can either come up with your own name, or, if you made a mix of animals, merge their Latin names together. For creating your own name from scratch, try taking random words that fit your animal (like "brown", "grey", "fur", etc.) in another language and switching around the letters a bit to make a good name. Or, you can just try making random letter combinations until you find something with a good ring to it!


  • Do these animals live in packs or herds? Or do they live in solitude? If you used a pack animal like a wolf or dog, they'll probably live in packs!
  • Try to come up with a name for their young. Cubs, pups, kits, and calves are common, or you can come up with something totally new.
  • Your markings need to make sense. For example, stripes are usually for camouflage in grass, not for looking cool! Look up markings to see their purpose.
  • If you want, you could even make sub-breeds!
  • Jumbling together the normal names is fine too - like raccoon bird could become birdcoon, or racbird.
  • Try making a mix of two to three animals.


  • Don't steal someone's idea! They probably tried hard to be unique and you should too.

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