How to Create a New Zeeik

Creating a Zeeik means creating a new video collection. If you can not find a Zeeik with the topic you are interested in, create a new Zeeik about it.


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    Visit Zeeik and click "Create New". Log in. Only logged-in users can create a new Zeeik. After logging in, you can find the "Create New" button in the top right corner. Click it.
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    Enter your Zeeik title. In the popup dialog, enter your Zeeik title and choose a "Collaborative Editing option". If you choose "Enabled", anyone can edit your Zeeik. Then click the "Create New Zeeik" button.
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    Add additional information. Now you are on the Edit page of your New Zeeik. Upload a cover image. Add a description, tags, etc. Let people know how your videos are organized and what videos you are collecting by creating subfolders. To do this, click the “Untitled” button. To finish editing, click "Exit Edit" in the upper right corner. If you want to cancel your edits, go to "History" and rollback to the previous version. *** (Optional) Add some videos. If you have already collected/Zeeiked videos, select a subfolder (if you created one) and add the videos by clicking the "+" button at the end of its video list. Check out the article "How to Recommend YouTube Videos for a Zeeik" on wikiHow.
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    Share. Share it with friends who can find and recommend good videos for your Zeeik.


  • If you want to share the videos in a subfolder, select the subfolder and click Share >> Address. You can find the link for the subfolder in the popup dialog.

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