How to Create a Photo Book Online

Now that digital photos have become the norm, it is easy to feel like you have an overwhelming amount of unorganized pictures. Luckily there is a wonderful solution to organizing your digital prints and making them available for many generations to come.


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    Decide what occasion you want to create a photo book for. You could do something like, "Last Christmas," "Our trip to Puerto Rico," or something like that. It should be something worth looking back on.
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    Gather all the pictures for that occasion into a folder on your computer. You will want them all in one place for when you upload them to a service. Make sure the pictures are good, and that you are able to identify the person.
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    Pick a service to use for creating your book. There are tons of services online including "Kodak Gallery," "Shutterfly," "My Publisher," etc. The services vary based on price, quality of the books they provide, how you can share your book, what templates they offer, and whether they force you to create your book online or via an application that you can download to your computer. There are pros and cons to all the approaches that these services offer, so pick the service that works best for you.
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    Create your book. Put your favorite pictures on pages by themselves and mix your less favorite pictures on the other pages. You really can't do it wrong. The most important thing is that the book is meaningful to you and helps preserve your memories.


  • Use lots of creative decorations (stickers, crazy fonts, cool backgrounds, etc).
  • Have FUN making it!
  • Print multiple copies so that you can spread them throughout the family.


  • Many online sources let you make it for free. To save money, be sure that the one you are using is free to use.

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