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Have you ever engaged in a psychic combat? If yes, then what were the armours or weapons you used? Did you win? Whatever your answers be, we'll tell you a technique with which you can create a psychic weapon named Psi Spear and attack with it too! :)

Method 1

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    First of all, relax and concentrate. Inhale and exhale slowly.
    • Try this, inhale slowly, hold for 2 seconds, exhale slowly, hold for 2 seconds...
    • Continue this process for 20-30 times unless get a feeling of relaxation. Relaxing will help you visualize and concentrate better.
    • Now, make a Psi Ball. Making a Psi Ball is not hard. In fact, it's the only thing a beginner learns before he is able to move to higher forms of energy manipulation.
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    Visualize your Psi Ball slowly changing into a Spear. In the beginning, it can be difficult to change the shape of the Psi Ball. But don't worry, with regular practice you'll be able to change it's shape.
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    Now decide how much damage you want to inflict on your psychic opponent. If you want more damage, make the Psi Spear long and more pointed. Else, make it short and blunt.

Method 2
Program Your Spear

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    Tell your Psi Spear that it's made for inflicting damage on your opponent according to you.
    • It can't dissipate unless and until you attack with it (this is important as it'll dissipate soon if you don't programme it).
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    Tell it that you'll store it somewhere in your house, and whenever you'll summon it, it'll come to you despite the fact wherever you're.
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    Tell it that it'll inflict emotional damage on your opponent and destroy any shield that comes it its way.

Method 3
Store Your Psi Spear

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    Choose any empty space in your house (like a drawer).
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    Choose a space where no one regularly comes as whenever you store a weapon it plays with the energy of other people around it. That means, it can cause arguments, illness, etc.
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    Once chosen, visualize the energy of your Psi Spear getting stored in the space. It's important to visualize it getting stored, otherwise, it won't come to you when you summon it.

Method 4

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    Choose the time and place when you want to attack (your opponent should be somewhere around you).
    • Choose a quiet place as traffic or noise can destroy your concentration.
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    Summon your Psi Spear. Visualize it coming out of the place where you stored it and forming in your hands. Form it in your hands gradually.
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    Once it's summoned completely, change its colour into something dark (like black, red, etc.) Changing its colour will help in doing more damage to the opponent.
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    Aim on your opponent and throw the Psi Spear towards him. Visualize it tearing through your opponent.


  • Try meditation before creating the Psi Spear. It'll help you concentrate.


  • Attacking can hurt people emotionally. Researches show that many psychic attacks have even led to deaths of people through suicides, heart attacks, illness, etc. So attack wisely! Don't just send strong attacks for fun!
  • If you haven't stored the Psi Spear, you can't attack. If you try to attack you'll only hurt yourself as you'll absorb energy from a forbidden source.
  • If you're a beginner to energy work, don't try attacking straight away. First practise!
  • Never ever attack persons for a "good reason" psychic attacks are ment as a last resort defense against negative beings. If you hurt someone with it without having serious danger from a person/being, it will take negative side effects because you abused life energy in one big way.

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