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Three Methods:Selecting a suitable teapot and quotesTest driving the markersCreating the Quote Teapot

Whether you're looking for a unique gift for a loved one or want to try your hand at crafting on ceramic, covering a ceramic teapot inspired by quotes from a favorite author will provide you with a wonderful opportunity. You will need a ceramic teapot, colorful Sharpie pens and 25 to 100 quotes from your favorite author.

Method 1
Selecting a suitable teapot and quotes

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    Choose a white, ceramic teapot. The teapot needs to be large enough to hold all your quotes. Depending on how large you write and the number of quotes you’ve gathered, base the teapot's size on the amount of writing that will be transferred to the teapot.
    • The quotes will be written using a permanent marker, so check that the teapot material will hold the ink and allow for quick drying.
    • For a standout look, go for white. Otherwise, if you find a dark colored teapot, use reverse (white, metallic or light colored) markers.
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    Wash and dry the ceramic teapot. Remove any dust or debris before writing on the teapot. Simply wipe clean with warm, soapy water, rinse with clean water and then dry with a soft cloth.
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    Gather your quotes. If you're creating this for another person, find a book penned by his or her favorite author and dig up as many quotes as possible. Or, use online quote websites for fasting sorting.
    • You might even like to ask directly for quotes that your recipient holds dear, in order to make the teapot extra special.
    • It's a good idea to write out or type up the quotes to keep on hand as you create the teapot. You can reference your sheet as you write, making it easier.

Method 2
Test driving the markers

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    Use Sharpies (permanent marker pens) or paint pens for writing the quotes. It's up to you whether you want a single color or a variety of colors. Just be aware that while using more than one color can produce a “designed” effect, too many colors may disrupt the flow of the quotes.
    • Choose markers that have a strong pointed felt tip. If you can’t find a Sharpie pen, look for a permanent paint pen that gives you the same command as a ballpoint pen.
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    Test drive the pen before applying it to the teapot. You don’t want the first mark to be on the teapot, as your pen may not be fully inked. Write a few words on a separate sheet of paper first and get a feel for how the pen writes first. Once you're happy that it's flowing properly and that you can write with it comfortably, then apply it to the teapot.
    • Try an inconspicuous part of the teapot first, to see how it looks and to test how it sets.

Method 3
Creating the Quote Teapot

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    Begin writing at the top of the teapot. Begin with the lid and work your way down and around the teapot in a swirling, descending motion.
    • Add a symbol or mark to denote a break in between quotes. A simple dot (.), asterisk (*), tilde or hyphen (~ or -) in between the quotes will suffice.
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    • Change pen colors in between quotes (if using different colors). For example, write one quote in blue and the next quote in black.
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    Use your shortest quote or most meaningful word to top the teapot. You may want to write the first word in a different script so it stands out.
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    Identify the shortest quotes to line the teapot lid. Make sure the entire quote fits on the lid.
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    Write the next set of quotes at the top of the teapot rim and begin working your way down and around the teapot.
    • Take breaks in between quotes so your hand does not get tired––you risk leaning into the ink and smudging it.
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    • Aim to maintain a consistent word shape and design. Write words close together in order to fit all your quotes on the teapot.
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    Finished. Heat the teapot in the oven at 150 °F (66 °C) for 30 minutes to make it permanent. Ensure that the quote teapot has cooled properly before packaging as a gift or using.
    • If giving as a gift, consider accompanying it with a book of the author whose quotes you've used and a package of fresh tea.


  • When choosing the quotes on your teapot, you could choose a specific topic for your quotes.
  • Use as many areas on the teapot as possible, including writing a favorite quote that will fit down the handle side.
  • When it comes to writing quotes that interfere with the teapot handle, try to slide as many letters underneath the handle in order to not disrupt the flow. However, if you cannot get underneath the handle, continue the quote immediately following the handle.
  • Another attractive gift set design would be to place the artful design teapot (and cups) in a gift basket along with cookies and tea.
  • Use a metallic or different colored pen to punctuate various important words on the teapot. Only use this color in one or two words so that they really stand out. The metallic pen could also be used for the break symbol between each quote, especially if it's a fancy star, heart or another cute symbol.
  • Sometimes the ink could erase after use and wash. Bake the teapot at 300'F for 15 minutes to make sure the marker ink stays longer.
  • Create an entire set by adding quotes to matching teacups. Package the lot up in a single gift box with lots of tissue paper between each one and a cellophane top so that it can be seen when the gift wrapping is removed.

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