How to Create a Study Notebook

Study notebooks are good to have when you need to make note of particular topics, sections or pages in your textbooks or other resources to study from. Follow the steps below to make a notebook like that.


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    Find a ruled notebook. Preferably one that is college-ruled. You may choose to purchase a notebook that is made for 3 to 5 subjects, which is most recommended, or have a different colored notebook for each subject you have to study for.
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    Make each section of the book a different subject topic. Such topics include: Math, Science, English, etc. for basic school subjects, or more specific subjects if you are in college or university.
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    Optional: Make a table of contents. Every section could have a table of contents telling what is in that subjects section in case you need to find one particular thing. However this may be difficult to do, if you are always adding things to various pages, and especially if you're not the type of person that puts exam dates on one page or topics to study in another.
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    Write in the valuable things to study for in that subject or class in that particular subject section. This can range from topics you need to study for an upcoming test, formulas for a math exam, or other study information on other pages along with practice questions to complete and study.
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    Optional: Add pictures, web links, book pages, and class notes to expand your study notebook for further study.(see tips)
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    Keep your notebook on hand for every class you go to. Write in the various things whenever possible, whether it is during class or after class.
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    You may use your study notebook in class to write down class lecture notes. Using your study notebook in class to write down class lecture notes can/will be helpful if you want to go on the internet and look up further information on the topic to study.


  • Use highlighter to emphasize special/key phrases or words.
  • Skip lines that way if you leave out a note you can add it on the blank line under it.
  • Table of contents listed by page number is good to have, if you want to have various sections for listing dates, a growing number of assignments, topics to study, more and more formulas and other things to add; it can may be updated often.
  • Make sure to secure added pages and pictures with paper clips or staples so they don't fall out on you.
  • Make sure your writing is neat and legible.
  • After class ask your friends if they took any notes, if they did then you should ask to compare notes so that if they have any notes that you did not get you can write those notes down in your study notebook.
  • Only use this notebook for study not a picture/drawing book.(you may draw in the book if it is for an illustration, but if you are just bored and want to draw then you need to use a different notebook)
  • Write study notebook on the front of the notebook/notebooks that way you will not get that notebook mixed up with other notebooks.
  • Write your name on the front cover somewhere(either front or back) so that if you lose it and someone else finds it they will know who to return it to.


  • Don't use pen, so dates and information such can be changed, corrected and extended easily.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Notebook
  • Study materials
  • Pictures (optional)
  • Class notes (optional)
  • Table of contents(Optional)
  • A friends notes(optional)
  • Highlighter(optional)
  • Schedule(optional)

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