How to Create an Awesome Punk Jacket

Do you want to have an awesome punk jacket to show off who you are, but you can't spend fifty bucks at a punk shop or simply rather would like to design it yourself? Well read ahead, my punk friend.


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    Go to a thrift shop or a used clothing store. Recycling is good plus from a thrift shop you'll find your jacket for a super cheap price. Mostly punk jackets are made from leather or denim jackets, but if you want a jacket for a colder weather you can try to find an old camo army jacket, a black blazer, or any other plain coat/jacket you want.
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    Get some stuff - needles, string, studs, patches, fabric paint, one of those five dollar wallet chains, or any other stuff you want to put on your jacket.
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    Decorate! For example, you can use the fabric paint to write political statements on the back, but be careful only to write slogans you believe and can back up, as nobody will respect someone who can't justify their ideas. Sewing machines are useful if you have one. Put patches and pins of your favorite bands on the jacket. You can even make the patches yourself using some stencils and fabric paint. You can get a key chain, and hook it on one of the lower pockets if you have an army jacket, and get the chain, hook one end to it, and then put your wallet with the chain connected to it in the upper pocket on the same side. Be creative!
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    You can sew zippers on at random places. Wear lots of cool pins/buttons. Stud your jacket from the collar or anywhere you want to to make it look even more punk.


  • Make sure the political statements you write are statements you actually believe in. Also don't sew on any patches of bands you don't even listen to.
  • Make the jacket look like YOU, don't just copy someone else's ideas!
  • Don't let comments about what you wear hurt your feelings and discourage you from trying to be how you feel and wearing what you like.
  • Be creative!
  • Be sure to only do this if you are actually into punk.
  • Be careful when using it, some punks like destroyers or mono-punks might want to steal your jacket, so you will have to "defend it" by fighting or if you are in a concert, dancing.


  • Don't overdo it by putting fifty zippers and chains on your jacket. People will call you a poser.
  • Don't paint slogans or wear buttons about issues you have no knowledge of - Punk is about fighting the power - not looking cool - Find a cause and promote it!

Things You'll Need

  • A jacket
  • Patches
  • A needle and thread or a sewing machine
  • Fabric paint
  • Studs
  • Anything else you want to add like pins, zippers, chains...
  • Creativity

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