How to Create and Organize a Home Office

Creating a home office and keeping it organized takes good planning. Not only do you need to find a place to set up your office space, but you need to ensure that you have everything required to be efficient. Consider the following steps if you want to create and organize a home office.


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    Decide where you would like to set up your home office. You don't have to assign a room for your office, if you don't have the space. You can section off an area in another room and set that up specifically for your office. The room or space should be well lit and preferably have a window for natural light during the day.
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    Select the home office furniture for your space. This will be determined by the size of your room or space. You will need a desk that allows for a desk top computer or your lap top and a comfortable chair. Consider a corner desk that conserves space. You should also make sure that you have room to write or spread out papers, and an area to set up a desk lamp.
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    Consider the equipment you will need for your office space set-up. Besides a computer, think about what you will need for business to run smoothly, such as a printer copier and fax machine. If you are in a small space, opt for multi-functional machinery. You will need to set up Internet access and a separate phone line.
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    Make sure you have enough storage space. You should have somewhere to store all your supplies and shelving for your books.
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    Avoid setting up a clutter prone workspace by not being organized.
    • Organize your office time with a calendar. Whether you prefer an electronic version, it is always helpful to have a desk calendar so that you can see your commitments in front of you.
    • Set everything up in your office to be readily available. Always be stocked up with the supplies you need. You don't want to be interrupted from work because you run out if paper or ink.
    • Have a place for everything. From your pens and highlighters to your business cards, you should have a home for all your office supplies, paperwork and other items. This way you have no excuses for not putting things away.
    • Set up an organized filing system and always make sure that you have enough room. You don't need to keep years and years of paperwork. Decide at what point you will clear out the old paperwork into a storage filing box and put it away. You want your office filing system to be easily accessible.
    • Be consistent with your organizational system. Avoid allowing paperwork to pile up with the promise of getting to it when you have the time, especially when it comes to filing. Get into the habit of filing every day and not leaving your office space in disarray at the end of the day. If you put everything away at the end of the work day, you can begin the next work day on a positive note.

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