How to Create Centerpieces for Your Wedding Reception Without Flowers

Weather your wedding is on a tight budget or you just don't want to do the same thing as other brides, consider making centerpieces without the traditional flowers. This article offers a few creative ideas that will help you put together centerpieces for your perfect wedding.


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    Use balloons. This may sound a bit like a kid's birthday party, but you can make this work with the most elegant of wedding themes. To keep an elegant feel to the reception, choose colors like whites and creams, and choose different sized balloons. Use balloons with helium and make sure they get filled about 2 hours before the reception. Pick several for each table, varying from small to large and in an assortment of themed colors. Use a central point on the table to bunch your balloons at different heights, even over your guests' heads. Change the colors of the balloons to fit any wedding theme, and arrange colored ribbons around the balloons to finish off the look.
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    Use candles or lanterns. This works especially well if you are having an evening reception. Pick candles of various heights and widths to make this theme work well. Also choose colors like white and cream to vary the look for each table, or use different styles and colors of lampshades to create the mood of each table. Drape strings of lanterns across tables or around the room to give the reception your desired mood.
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    Use potted plants. This option will work well for a more "green" wedding, in theme and in color. Again, you can choose different sizes and types of plants. Use a variety of herbs, flowers, cacti, or even vegetable plants, and these centerpieces can double as gifts for your guests.
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    Use arrangements of old books. This idea works well with wedding themes that are more vintage. Vary your books in color and size to make this work well. Stack a few books at each table and top off the arrangement with a small flowerpot, candles, small framed pictures, or other vintage items. Use ribbons to enhance the look, with colors such as maroon, cream, and navy to work well with the vintage theme.
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    Decorate and arrange branches for a classic, rugged, or winter themed look. Spray-paint thin long branches with white or silver paint, or clean them and leave them bare for a more authentic feel. Put them in long glass vases for extra length, and consider putting white sand in the bottom of the vases to hold them upright. Decorate with stick or wooden ornaments, newspaper flowers, or glass balls, ribbons, and lights. You can also wrap string lights around the branches and add candles to complete the look.
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    Arrange candy for a centerpiece that tastes as good as it looks. Pick glass vases varying in thickness and height and put in your favorite candies. Use large lollipops or sticks of rock candy for visual effect and add M&Ms, jelly beans, or another small, colored candy to fill in the vase. You can even get specific arrangements of M&Ms in your wedding's colors, and add messages like your names or initials and a small picture of you onto the candies.[1]
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    Use fruit for a vibrant and colorful centerpiece. Use different sizes of vases and dishes to get the best effect, and choose fruits with strong, vibrant colors. Use whole lemons, limes, oranges, apples, and pomegranates, carve designs into watermelons, or arrange sliced fruit or berries. To vary the décor even more, keep some fruit whole in a tall glass vase, and put cut fruit and water in another.


  • Combine several of these ideas for more creative, personalized centerpieces.

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