How to Create Your Own Dump Recipes

People are more interested than ever in how to come up with your very own meal dump recipes — recipes which only require you to dump a few ingredients into a pot, pressure cooker or crock-pot and then cook those ingredients to make a tasty, healthy meal.


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    Select ingredients that will be cooked after the same amount of time after they are cut up in appropriate sizes. For example, raw chicken thighs, sliced celery, sliced carrots and peas, and a starch like diced potatoes or pasta with a sauce added, such as a can of condensed cream of chicken soup, would make a great dump recipe.
    • Remember to add additional liquid if you are including pasta in your recipe.
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    Follow the general approach to choosing your ingredients. Here's how you should go about this process:
    • Select the central ingredient, whether it be meat or fish or a vegan equivalent.
    • Select the vegetables and other ingredients, such as pasta, to go with it.
    • Decide on the size each ingredient will be to put in the cooker.
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    Search for relevant dump recipes online. In fact, by searching for dump recipes, you may just come up with the ideal recipe you want and not have to create one yourself.
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    Select a cooking time which is appropriate to the container you are using. Here's what you need to know:
    • Stove cooking recipes containing chicken should take about 1/2 hour if at the boil.
    • A pressure cooker will take less time - perhaps 10 minutes on pressure.
    • A crockpot will take many hours - 4 hours on high and 6-8 hours on low.
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    Don't forget to write down your recipe with cooking instructions. This can help you repeat the delicious recipe at a later date, or to share it with friends. And who knows, you may come up with a Dump Meal Recipe Book of your very own. Currently, there are very few books like this available, and you could start a trend!


  • Depending on the cooking method you may need to add liquid like milk or water or stock. For example, cooking in a pot on a stove requires additional liquid because of evaporation. Using a pressure cooker should use little or no extra liquid. Also remember that additions like pasta will require additional cooking liquid(s). It is better to have a little more liquid than necessary than not enough.
  • Use an instant read thermometer to check meat temperature - as long as the meat exceeds 175F you should be safe.
  • One-pot and casserole recipes are candidates for dump recipes.
  • If you size the recipe large enough, you will have leftovers which can serve as another meal or so...
  • Some recipes you can portion out the ingredients into several containers or plastic food bags and freeze them... just remove the container(s)/bag(s) you want and dump them into your cooking pot and cook until done.


  • Using raw or frozen meat(s) in a recipe can pose health dangers if the recipe is not cooked long enough.
  • Certain recipes require stirring the pot if cooking on a stove top. Examples are recipes which include dairy and other ingredients which may tend to stick to the bottom of the pot.
  • When should I skip creating a dump recipe? Typically, recipes containing ingredients which may have widely differing cook times. Or recipes which contain ingredient(s) which may be added to the other cooking ingredients in some order over time.

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