How to Create Your Own Wedding Album

Two Methods:Create an online albumCreate an album with printed photos

Wedding photo albums can be expensive. You can save on a great expense if you learn how to create your own wedding album. It may take you longer in the end, but you will be able to create the album of your wedding exactly the way you want it while saving money.

Method 1
Create an online album

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    Upload your photos to a photo design website.
    • There are several photo websites that allow you to create photo albums online. You get to choose from a variety of layouts, covers and sizes. Once you upload all of the photos you want to use in your wedding album, you can organize the photos on the website. You can either use snapshots your friends and family took at the wedding or you can purchase digital photos from your photographer.
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    Choose from a pre-loaded design or make your own.
    • Most of the online photo websites have pre-made designs that will automatically fill in the photographs you upload. You don't have as much control over the organization over the photos, but you will save time by not having to place each photo on its respective page.
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    Scan other mementos.
    • Scan your wedding invitation, wedding announcement or your ceremony program to your computer and upload them to the photo site. Be sure you read the regulations for the size and type of file you can upload.

Method 2
Create an album with printed photos

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    Find a blank album.
    • There are albums of different styles and formats. Choose one that best suits you as a couple. Also take into consideration the way the photos are mounted in the album. Some pages have adhesive and a protective cover while others have plain cardstock pages where you will need to add adhesive. Consider how each album will preserve your special photos.
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    Order various sizes of photographs either from your photographer or from among the photographs your friends and family took.
    • To create an aesthetically pleasing album, you'll want to use small and larger photos. Order a few that will fill a whole page in the album. Get creative and consider adding special effects to the photos, such as black and white or sepia tone.
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    Gather mementos from the wedding that you will want to use to decorate the pages of your wedding album.
    • These items could include your invitation, reception place cards or even the personalized napkins from the cocktail hour. These items will create dimension and add color to the pages of the album for your wedding.
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    Organize the photos and mementos logically within the album.
    • Consider starting with pictures of both sides of the wedding party getting ready. Then add pictures of the ceremony, reception and other special moments.

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