How to Cut Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds are practical window treatments that help to enhance the comfort and beauty of your home or office. The blinds are made up of woven shafts of bamboo that have been whittled, stripped and sanded. These traditional Japanese window coverings are affordable and easily attainable in most standard window sizes. However, there are times that bamboo blinds arrive mis-measured or are sold only in sizes too wide to fit your windows. In this case, you may need to cut the blinds yourself. It is easy to cut bamboo blinds at home with a little patience and the appropriate tools. Read the article below for instructions on how to cut bamboo blinds.


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    Decide if you prefer to hang the blinds via an inside or outside mount, and then measure the width of the window to determine the width of the blinds.
    • Inside Mount: Measure the width of the window frame's inside edge at the top, middle and bottom and use the smallest of the three measurements. Typically, a set of inside mount blinds should measure about 1/2-inch less than the width of the window frame.
    • Outside Mount: Measure the width of the window frame and ensure that the blinds will extend over the window opening at least 2 inches (5.1 cm) on each side. This will allow for adequate light gap coverage.
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    Remove the edge binding from the blinds, if present on your particular model. Most edge bindings are sewn into place and may need to be cut for removal.
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    Prep, measure and cut the bamboo shades and headrail using a hacksaw.
    • Roll and fasten the bamboo shades tightly around the headrail. You may use a rubber band or masking tape to secure the blinds at the center point.
    • Cover the ends of the blinds with masking tape to prevent chipping or splintering of the delicate material.
    • Measure and mark the appropriate width. You will want to cut the excess length equally at each end, so measure and mark carefully.
    • Cut the blind slats and bottom rail using a hacksaw. For maximum efficiency, you may choose to use a miter box as a guide. Cut one end, tamp the blinds, then cut the remaining end.
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    Confirm that all slats and the headrail are cut at the same length. If not, trim individual elements as needed to ensure a consistent width.
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    Reattach the edge binding.


  • If you are uncomfortable cutting your blinds at home, most retail locations or large hardware stores will do the work for a nominal fee.

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